A Force of Nature: White Identity Is Within You

White Identity is at the core of what it means to be White. Identity in general is a fundamental aspect of one’s sense of Selfhood. Everyone has an identity that is bigger than one’s self, no matter how much of a “non-conformist” or “Individualist” they claim to be. Race is blood and your blood is the genetic heirloom of your ancestors; they endured incredible hardships for you. The least you can do is have some respect for your racial identity.

Firstly, we need to discuss racial identity in order to de-stigmatize this natural aspect of the self. You are not just “you”, you are the product of millions of years of selective breeding, evolution and the generational “passing of the torch” of your DNA. You are an amalgamation of all your ancestors, their cultures, their habits, their personalities, their features, their merits, their flaws, their blood and their soul. Blood is often referred to as the “life force” and for good reason. If you lose too much of it, you die, and without the blood of your ancestors, you never would have existed in the first place! It is a part of you, not just on a physical and biological level but on a deeply spiritual level. The blood that you carry is not just some biological happenstance, it is a spiritual heirloom that your ancestors struggled, sacrificed, fought, bled, lived and died to protect. Your blood is sacred and it is not yours to throw away like some cheap plastic packaging. It is to be honored, respected and kept pure so that your children can continue the sacred lineage of your folk.

On a more psychological level, identity is important for your own self-esteem. Many try to say that they are “colorblind” or that “race doesn’t matter, ideas do”; this is all just clever self-deception. If you are White and you look at a Black man, you know he is different than you, not just his skin, but his nose, hair, jawline, forehead, bone density, personality and so forth. Whites have been conditioned into ignoring these things for fear of being branded a “racist”. But isn’t it racist to deprive someone of a healthy pride in their racial identity. Ultimately, if you aren’t proud of your racial identity, you can’t have self-esteem. Since you are your race, without an appreciation for your race, you can never fully develop self-esteem. You may be confident in your looks, intellect and sense of self-efficacy, but without a love for one’s race, you will never be whole. Besides the fact, if you don’t have pride in your race, who will? If other races are allowed to have a healthy sense of racial identity, but your race isn’t, what do you think will become of your race? If you are a White man, be proud of your Whiteness! It isn’t just a skin tone, it is the genetic history of all your ancestors! Your racial identity is something to be celebrated and cherished, not ignored or dismissed out of fear of social ridicule or persecution.

That is not to say that race is all that matters. If you are a terrible person but you have a healthy sense of White identity, then you still have a lot of work to do on an individual level to reach your fullest potential. And just because you have a healthy sense of racial identity, doesn’t mean you need to wage war on every other race to prove your superiority over them. If you want to prove your value, invent something, build something, have better ideas, create better systems and lead by example. Be an inspiration for all other races, just like the White race used to be for thousands of years. Be a good steward of this Earth by doing the most to contribute to the well-being of her inhabitants. Teach your children to embrace White identity so that they can grow to feel proud of themselves and their ancestors. If you fail to do so, your children will always be subservient to another race who does have a strong sense of racial identity. Without White identity, other races will conquer our race, and the genetic code of our ancestors will forever be tainted and weakened by our conquerors.

Let not their sacrifices be in vain!