Every Wolf Needs His Pack

I’m a White man. That’s something important to me. Why though? Is it because I’m insecure as an individual? Is it because I’m scared of being alone? Am I afraid of people with different colored skin? Do I fear I’m incapable of making it all on my own?

Frankly, yes. I am not secure as an individual and neither are you. I rely on thousands of people each day to not die. From the people who clean the water I drink, to the guy who wired the electricity in my house, to the other drivers on the road around me. And that’s just before I get to work! No man is an island and anyone who thinks they are a self-contained unit is either grossly arrogant or not intelligent enough to see the interconnected strands of the web that hold this amazing civilization together. Such interconnectedness is not just essential and beautiful, but something our pack animal instinct is always trying to manifest.

None of us wants to be truly alone. We all want at least one other person to share our lives with and the truth your body will confirm, is that one person is never enough. We want mates sure, but we need a pack. Otherwise, we would be exposed and vulnerable to dangers from the rest of the world. There are some people in your life who are just as important in hugely different ways as your spouse. So yeah, I don’t want to be alone and neither do you, otherwise, you wouldn’t be on the worldwide web reading this article.

What about this skin color bit? That seems silly right? Is that all really so important, the amount of melanin in one’s skin? Kind of… If you see someone who’s 500 pounds, you already know some basic information about that person: You can reasonably assume they probably don’t have great eating habits, they don’t get enough exercise and statistically you’d be right most of the time. The same thing goes for any kind of identifying information. Even my clothes are rich with identifying information. For instance, the shirt I have on as I write this says “Taxation is theft”. Your brain just told you a ton of information about the way I think, act and probably even look.

When I see a White person, I know we share some history, ancestry and experience in common. I can reliably assume that for thousands of years that person’s genetics have been trending toward more freedom, more responsibility and dozens of other foundational principles of Western Civilization. I bet your grandparents can tell you about a time when they knew their neighbors, didn’t lock their doors and left the keys to their car in the ignition. Can you do that now? Multiculturalism breeds mistrust and for good reason. We used to have community, shared goals, shared values, and shared beliefs. We could assume a few basic ideas about people and be right most of the time, because we all used to have shared history, ancestry and experience. I want that back, my fathers and their fathers all the way back to England, Germany, Norway, and Ireland fought and died to bestow this civilization to us. I want to live in a country where I don’t have to be constantly concerned for my person, property, possessions or loved ones. Don’t you?

I need a pack to run with that thinks like I do, and which history and habit have shown to move like I would. That’s White identity to me, that’s why it matters.