Protecting Our White Global Minority

Marxists define “Whiteness” or “White Identity” as being a “social construct” with no basis in objective, biological reality. Of course, as with most of their positions, their view of Whiteness is in direct denial of science and objective reality. The concept of “Whiteness” or that a person is “White” most certainly has a biological basis and is an idea that existed long before the world had heard the name Karl Marx.

Given the Marxist infection in most scholarly realms, it is difficult to find unbiased sources about the origins of “Whiteness.” Unfortunately, this Wikipedia article “Definitions of whiteness in the United States” is probably as good as anything you’ll find. It also confirms what I already thought to be true. Please note how “Whiteness” in the title of the Wikipedia article is not capitalized. This was done intentionally.

The pre-Marxist concept of Whiteness came about largely in the United States during the Industrial Era. Although there were a number of distinctly different European ethnicities (Dutch, English, Irish, Italian, German, etc.) which were fiercely competing and often hostile toward one another, after living in proximity to Africans (and Natives) and observing their behaviors and beliefs over a period of time, it became clear that the differences between the various European tribes paled in comparison to the differences between each European tribe and the Africans and Natives.

Something very similar is currently happening in Europe. While some parts of Europe have experienced limited impact from diversity, only the migrant crisis in these past few years has introduced large enough populations of outside alien groups to significantly influence, alter, and challenge their economic and political systems, social orders and traditional cultures. Being collectively set against these outside forces, it is becoming clearer to an ever-growing group that there is an over-arching set of values, beliefs and social norms (i.e. Whiteness) which most of the indigenous tribes of Europe generally subscribe to despite millennia of intra-racial, ethnic conflict.

And while the details on how so many countries across the Euro-sphere got into this current predicament differ for each, many of us are facing the same fate of becoming minorities in our own countries in the coming decades.

This already happened to Rhodesia. Once deemed “Africa’s Breadbasket”, the people of European descent there lost their political power and the White farmers had their land seized by the Black majority government. After losing power, many Whites were sadistically brutalized in the following years and even the name of the country was changed from the Euro-centric “Rhodesia” to the Afro-centric “Zimbabwe.”

South Africa is on the downhill slope of this same exact process. The White South Africans or Boers gave up their political power in the early 1990s (through sanctions and much pressure from Global Communists) and the White farmers there are now facing the same land seizures and violence that the Rhodesians once did.

We Americans are next on the chopping block after South Africa. Supposedly, Americans of European descent are around 60% of the population, but population stats can be fuzzy given that Jews, Arabs and many Hispanics are often (and curiously) classified as White by the US Census Bureau. Per a recent study by the National Policy Institute , Whites are projected to become a minority by 2031 and a minority of the voting population by 2044.

Nationalist movements are rising all across The Western World in response to these pressures and recognizing the threat. While this is a positive development, it is not enough to defeat the enemy who is attempting to wipe us from the earth. Our enemy is organized and funded at the global level, so even the most well-organized and inspired Nationalist movement acting alone would not be sufficient to defeat it. In order to defeat Global Communism, we will have to form a confederation of European Nations from all across the Euro-sphere and it will need to include longstanding rivals such as the US and Russia.

By this I do not mean that we should all be subsumed by some massive, White run global culture and government. Quite the opposite. I want all nationalities and their unique cultures and characters to be preserved across the entirety of the Eurosphere. In fact, I’m much more a regionalist and localist than I am a nationalist, but I recognize that nationalism is a necessary construct to protect us from our geo-political competitors such as China (whose population alone is nearly twice that of all of the Euro-sphere combined).

Ultimately, given our decreasing proportion of a world with an exploding population, we have an important decision to make: We can embrace our shared interests and identity or “Whiteness” and survive and thrive, or we can hang apart.

Which way Western Man?