Western Civilization Isn’t Abstract

White identity in America begins with an understanding that, as Europeans, we truly stand on the shoulders of giants who built the greatest kingdoms and empires in history. Our people have created a civilization unparalleled in beauty, goodness, and greatness. And without Europeans understanding themselves as Europeans, this civilization will be lost and European people will be reduced to soulless shells.

Popular messaging today is that the White race and White culture are separable (assuming that “White culture” is even recognized). The narrative goes that any person of can become part of White culture, i.e. “Western Civilization”. This is an unsupportable lie. All creatures on earth are evolved beings. Every race of man is a product of their environment. Unique environments create unique responses. These responses become the “culture” of a race. And every race is inextricably linked to their distinct culture.

These basic truths are, of course, true for Whites and White culture. Europe is the cradle of the White race. The environmental pressures of our sacred land molded us to be who we are. Our culture is a direct reflection of this evolutionary process. That White culture is euphemistically called “Western Civilization” does not dissolve the truth that it is a civilization built by a specific people, not by a compass direction. Western Civilization is White civilization.

Embracing your White identity means accepting this truth. It means honoring our history, our ancestors’ sacrifices, and our people’s accomplishments through our continuing protection of our culture, our people, and our future. Our ancestors journeyed across the globe – leaving us revolutionized methods of transportation and communication. They conquered entire continents –gifting us developed civilization around the world. Continuing this legacy for our descendants requires embracing our White identity.

Ironically, it is this Faustian spirit which has made the conscious embrace of our White identity so imperative. Our ancestors’ accomplishments have given way to the European diaspora and now multiculturalism. This intermixing of peoples has stripped us of our natural identities. For reasons beyond the scope of this article, our people have been encouraged to substitute our natural identity as a people for a fabricated one based on the abstract concepts of liberty and patriotism, under the banner of a government, and sustain this through whatever foreign wars we happen to be fighting at the time. The consequence of replacing our natural identity with this civic nationalist-propositionalist façade is our defenselessness against mass immigration and demographic replacement. It is a lie that just any people can continue “western civilization”. Believing this lie is leading us to destruction – destruction of our people and destruction of the civilization we built.

Even if one were to discount the simple moral truth that all people are entitled by right to their identity, imagine what would be lost in a world where Whiteness vanishes. Think of the centuries of innovation within our distinct architecture, art, dance, music, literature, cuisine, philosophies, etc., etc that would be lost. Ponder how often European innovations set the standard of excellence. Consider that our ancestors created aesthetics that have inspired mankind for thousands of years. Now imagine that European culture disappears and we are left with the debased and culturally demoralizing culture of modernity that has sickened our societies. And know that this sickness of modernity is killing each of us. A part of each of us is lost when we accept the lie that White culture is just an anonymous proposition –that we are merely interchangeable, rootless cogs in the “global family”. Denying your White identity, i.e. accepting the lie of globalism, is the spiritual death of each of us and the loss of the greatest civilization ever known.

But we need not imagine this loss because, even in our deteriorated state, we are still European. Countless generations of Europeans who came before us suffered, bled, and died to build an inheritance for us, their future generations. We, too, are willing to make these same sacrifices for our future generations. The White race has always fought for our progeny’s future and striven to be the master of our own destiny. We continue this fight. Europeans know our own innate values should shape the societies in which we raise our families. We stand for our family’s future. Europeans have always been a proud and independent race, attracted to beauty and nobility, with an eternal love of justice and honesty. We are yet still. Remember that you are of a great people and, by our nature, we can continue to be the light shining out into an otherwise dark world. We need only to remember who we are. We need only embrace our White identity