Embrace White Pride or Suffer Genocide?

I was tempted, at least initially, to begin by saying that I am not, in fact, “pro-White”, but it would be at least as misleading to advance that position as it is, to my mind, to advance the position that I am “pro-White”. With the foregoing in mind, I would like to reformulate the call of the question to “pro-European” or “pro-Western” (as I consider these terms to be equivalent, I intend to use them here, as elsewhere, interchangeably). I advance this reformulation because I find a number of problems inhere in “pro-White”:

  • First, I am not, in fact, white. I am rather more a peach or a very light tan color.
  • Second, “White” is a construct that is imprecise and (unnecessarily) contentious (e.g., historically, many would not have included the Irish and the Italians in the definition of the term).
  • Third, “European” has a built-in definition with which I almost wholly agree (and, again, I consider “Western” synonymous).
  • Fourth, “pro-White”, to my mind, sets up a false binary. The salient issues I believe we have set out, here, to address, are not ‘black’ or ‘white’ (in most cases, either in the racial or in the logical sense). (Further, I am not a beer that I should be called “white” because I am lighter than the alternatives.)

With the foregoing in mind, I proceed with my pro-European and pro-Western framework into my pro-European and pro-Western argument.
Of necessity (due both self-imposed and practical constraints given the medium), this will be a cursory overview of my position and my thoughts. Undoubtedly, these matters will be addressed at greater length in future articles (and in my writings elsewhere). However, a rough outline is more than sufficient for our current purposes.

First, I am pro-European for the simple reason that I am, in fact, of European stock. My blood is German (and a bit Celtic). It would, in my assessment, be immoral to be anything but pro-European given these facts. I find this conclusion a necessary one both under Biblical reasoning (see, e.g., the Fourth Commandment) and under traditional logical and moral precepts. I conceive of morality being, primarily, a matter of duty, and duties flow, in a general way, to roughly concentric circles extending from the immediate family outward. As a simple, foundational matter: I owe a greater allegiance and a higher duty to a member of my family than to a stranger.

Second, I believe there is a concerted effort underway to attack and, ultimately, to erase my Culture and my Volk. It would, again, be immoral to sit on the sidelines and watch as this conflict progresses. What began with calls for “diversity” will end with children being crucified on kitchen tables and raped to death. The foregoing conclusion will, undoubtedly, sound extreme to some, but this is precisely what is happening in South Africa today (I leave it to the reader to search out these facts for himself, as I decline to link to them here).
Of course, this inevitably invites the “but that won’t happen here” ‘rebuttal’. On that note, I find this current anti-White movement much akin to the so-called “homosexual rights” movement (which has, today, splintered into a thousand unholy pieces promoting everything from harlotry and transgenderism to bestiality and pedophilia) that began under the pretense of simply allowing freedom and personal choice: ‘The Government shouldn’t be allowed in the bedroom.’, ‘What two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home is no one’s business.’, et cetera, ad nauseam. Of course, there was never any intention on the part of the Left to stop at some point; the Left can never stop, they must always push ‘forward’ in their quest for ‘progress’. So we began with promises, given in objective bad faith, that homosexual ‘marriage’ would never be numbered amongst the goals of the movement, and we find ourselves today staring at a legal landscape that mandates States recognize homosexual ‘marriage’ and a movement that occupies its time by attempting to tear down any remaining vestiges of decency and morality.
This is what I firmly believe will happen with the anti-White movement. It will begin with calls for “diversity” and it will end with calls for genocide. We are already seeing fairly widespread calls for violence against those perceived as “White” by (Internet) celebrities; on any given day, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of calls by prominent figures for discrimination, and often for violence, against those of European blood. Further, it is currently the law of the land that companies and other entities must discriminate against Europeans; these laws are called “affirmative action”, but they are, both by intention and in practice, anti-White.

I did not set the board and I did not pick my side, but I am proud of my Culture, proud of my heritage, and proud of my Volk. Whereas many remain silent out of indifference or fear, I find that I cannot in good conscience fail to speak. We are faced with the greatest conflict in generations, perhaps the greatest conflict in human history. There are no bystanders: We must all choose a side.