Targeted Out of Fear

Five seemingly innocuous words which, as you may recall, last year created a firestorm of controversy among non-Whites and the eternally agitated White Left. Of course, that was the point behind the flyers bearing the slogan: To expose a certain social animus which has been facilitated and nurtured by those who believe they have an ethnic axe to grind with White people. The mental gymnastics & verbal diarrhea they espouse to justify their prejudice was out in full force following the national event, during which users of 4Chan’s “Politically Incorrect” board printed the flyers and posted them in public areas for the culturally subdued to find the next day. Everything from statements issued by campus officials offering trauma counseling, to verified users on Twitter claiming it’s not okay to be White, were among some of the reactions to the stunt, thus moving /pol/’s original theory into the realm of law.

Imagine this: Instead of “It’s Okay To Be White,” what if the flyers instead said “It’s Okay To Be Jewish”? How about “Black,” or “Latino,” or anything besides “White”? How do you suppose the world would have reacted to that? Why, they’d have just loved it, and I think we all know that. It would have likely gotten gushing fluff coverage on propaganda rags such as Huffington Puke, the New York Slimes, etc. Celebrities would be seen on the red carpet wearing buttons in support of any one of the above statements, babbling on about how it’s a bold stand against “White supremacy,” when in reality, for all intents and purposes, being White is in fact tantamount to being an unrepentant sex offender in jackboots in the dominant cultural narrative.

So now we have to ask ourselves: Why do they react with such hostility to a statement like that, as though it is some blasphemy? What about being White isn’t okay? After all, we’re encouraged to celebrate diversity, to cheer on people of other ethnicities and sexual orientations for being born the way they are. Why are Whites exclusively denied the same measure of regard? There are myriad reasons why, each typically more logically broken than paying your neighbor’s cat in dish soap coupons to drive you to work every morning, but it’s all part of a broader dehumanization effort against White people in order to make them a permanent lower class in their own countries. It doesn’t have to make sense if the end justifies the means to those behind such a vile campaign, because to do something like that, one wouldn’t begin with good intentions.

The fact of the matter is, there are certain people in the world who are scared to death that we might rediscover pride in our racial heritage and take a stand against the growing effort to put us down and wipe us out. That may sound a bit extreme to some people who find White identity an alien concept, but ask yourselves: Which other races are tripping over themselves to give refuge to millions of people who don’t belong to their own tribe? Which other race is more concerned with feeding the children of others over their own? Which other people are taking the brunt of this so-called “refugee crisis”? If you can’t think of any, here’s a hint: There are none. Only Whites are so suicidally altruistic that they would fall for such a transparently dubious ploy to replace them in their own countries. Other races aren’t doing it simply because they have tribal solidarity that Whites do not, and take advantage of this vulnerability of ours every chance they can get.

While it’s a virtue to help those in need, it’s a fallacy to sacrifice your children on the altar of political correctness; there is no justification, whatsoever, to risk making your progeny a hated minority in their own countries. Do you think, with the way Whites are being treated now while still the majority, that things will magically reverse as soon as we become less than 50% of the population in our home country? That those who hate us today will somehow “see the light” when there are more of them than us? Don’t kid yourself. South African Whites are facing government-sanctioned extermination as you read this, and the media is simply sweeping it under the rug as a “myth.” The only way to put an end to this snowballing threat against you and your children is to discover the identity of your people and never apologize for it. It is okay to be White. You have so much to be proud of, so much to love about yourself, no matter what any non-White or self-loathing White liberal may tell you – but inversely, and more importantly, you have so very much to lose. By not reclaiming your White identity, you’re not just throwing yourself under the bus, but the entire generation of White children after you, and if things get bad enough, it may be the last. Something to think about.