The Race That Shall Not Be Named

When listening to the Left, I hear much criticism about Whites and all the terrible crimes we are purported to have committed. They speak of a magical privilege we supposedly enjoy, and brand us as having lesser awareness, empathy, and reason – maybe even correspondingly lesser humanity – than others in their hierarchy of victimization. Having been assigned to this group along with millions of my fellow countrymen and even more worldwide, learning to be White ran counter to everything I was taught, because I was told our Western Civilization was at least striving to be color blind and instead build upon merit and character.

Although it is fashionable among dishonest intellectuals to blame Whites for the racial problems in this country, fair-minded analysis shows unequivocally that countries led by people of European origin have been uniquely welcoming to outsiders on a cultural basis. This is a trait shared by no other civilization. You would not see the Chinese welcoming Anglos as citizens any more than you would see Arabs grant Filipino migrant workers legal or moral equality. These groups look out only for their own, fulfilling both an irrepressible genetic impulse to protect those closest by ties of blood, but also to preserve their unique cultures against transformation.

Such behavior is natural, and practiced by nearly all people, including most minority groups within the United States. Blacks, Asians, Latinos, and Native Americans are encouraged to promote positive self-interest, given government preference and eligibility for both public and private subsidy, and permitted to lobby politically and socially as specifically racial groups without threat.

It’s different if you’re White, something I personally had the misfortune to experience in my unlawful termination, and which has set me upon this quest to learn what being White means. That expressing the will to represent a population which, genetically speaking, shared 98% commonality with myself at some level, was seen as national heresy and undemocratic struck me as inconsistent, unfair, and potentially dangerous. It means those of us who are given the title of being White are being excluded from conversations, told our opinions matter less, and are told to simply watch as a new society is built around us – to which we are required to contribute but within which we are to be constrained in our influence.

Sometimes, we are told “Whiteness” is artificial because we are still permitted our various ethnic identities. I celebrate my Polish, Russian, and German ancestry, but it does not follow that if Whites are going to be castigated across the various European and other included ethnicities that we should lack representation at the racial level. We do not see Blacks being forced to only celebrate being Zulu or Kenyan, Latinos being divided into Mexicans or Cubans, or Asians separated out between Chinese and Koreans. Every racial group that is non-White is legitimate in the eyes of our culture, explicitly because each is another level of organization that might prove useful as a lever against the majority – which just happens to still be White.

I wasn’t born White and didn’t think of myself as such for most of my life, at least in an explicit racial sense. I grew up thinking I was a child of the West, a culture and civilization that embodied big ideas, including how reason could shape the world to be more accessible, that liberty allowed for human advancement, and with appreciation for beauty, art, nature, faith, and humanity’s potential. I thought such values were universal, and while I recognize and celebrate that any man may aspire to these, it is only in watching how quickly others are mobilized to destroy these fragile aspirations, that it becomes clear these values seem to have some unique appeal to those of European heritage: to the White people who have built, maintained, and sustained this civilization.

Now that we are confronted with the looming reality that our countries and our civilization are being undermined from within as well as from without, this challenge forces us to define for ourselves what it means to be White lest we passively accept our attacker’s chosen definition that would have us as the root of all society’s evils. I suggest we do so and embrace this opportunity to define ourselves as our very best traits and desires.

Whiteness is twofold. The inescapable definition with which we take no umbrage is that we are people of European ancestry. We are a people with millennia of proud history and heritage which we should celebrate and venerate, not overlooking the failures, but balancing them against many more successes and the understanding that global civilization is primarily of our creation based upon our learning, technology, and culture.

The second part of being White is not racial, but cultural. We know this exists because people already comment in the public sphere that a minority may act White – to be responsible, to have ambitions, to care for oneself and others, to show restraint and patience, and to be moral. Meant as an insult to those who choose values over race, it seems we have inherited the new White Man’s Burden which is: how do we balance protecting our own extended kin while still being just and decent to other people?

What makes us exceptional is that we still care about this question, even now as we know we are being targeted to be pushed aside and replaced. Our spirit is such that we, uniquely amongst people, care for our souls as much as our bodies, and die not just for our people, but for our sacred beliefs. It would be a terrible thing to see such a light extinguished from this world.