The Manufacture of White Guilt

White genocide is frequently referenced in social media and in print journalism. White advocates work to alert their kinsmen to the replacement of ethnic Europeans in their European homelands and North America. Anti-White leftists and Bolshevist journalists dismiss the idea of White genocide as a “White supremacist conspiracy theory”.

Is White genocide a mortal danger to White people?

The definition of the crime of genocide can be found in Article II of the Genocide Convention, which was negotiated among the United Nations Member States in 1948. This standard is used to determine if a people is being destroyed in whole or in part by means of killings, serious bodily or mental harm, births prevention, forcibly transfer of children to another group, or inflicted conditions of life calculated to bring about the group’s physical destruction. Let us consider the treatment of the European people in light of this definition of genocide.

The topic of White genocide could fill a book. We could discuss the White genocide happening in Europe right now with White people being arrested for speaking against the mass immigration of hostile peoples, while globalist organizations receive government funding to advocate for demographic replacement of the native people. We could highlight the glee American media punditry takes when reporting on our impending demographic replacement by high birthrate migrants or the HUD programs created explicitly to move non-whites into White communities. But word count requires that I limit my discussion to but one facet – and even this, superficially.

Let us touch on the less-frequently discussed mental harm being inflicted on White people, which facilitates every other crime committed against our group. This insidious aspect of genocide is more implicit than other facets, but is still observable through examination of transparent agendas present in our media and education system, as well as symptoms present in our race.

The news media manipulates viewers in a myriad of ways. One example of this manipulation can be found by looking at media coverage of police shootings of Black criminals. They portray these Black criminals as victims and the officers as tools of a racist system – a system which perpetuates itself through the murder and suppression of minority groups. These hostile commentators blatantly ignore publicly available crime statistics and police shooting data that reveals truth entirely inconsistent with their lies. Another example is that the mainstream media memory holes or does not report at all on the thousands of interracial crimes committed against Whites every year. I could provide example upon example of how the news media intentionally manipulates Whites to ignore the violent assaults, killings and mass rape of their own people at the hands of other groups.

Likewise, the American education system works to portray White people as evil or subhuman destroyers of peaceful populations. There is a never-ending supply of Leftist-created textbooks and coursework that portrays Europeans as unique enslavers, perpetrators of genocide, and, by our very nature, evil racists. Leftist educators reinforce the lie that White countries have built their successes on the backs of Brown and Black people. White students are not permitted to be proud of the unmatched accomplishments of their people. Rather, they are mentally abused and manipulated to feel guilty for the “wickedness” and “privilege” of their people. The only time White people are allowed to view themselves as a collective is if the context is a negative one. The result of this emotional abuse is that descendants of great European conquerors and explorers begin to hate their own racial group, creating a justification in their own minds for other atrocities inflicted upon them.

Modern psychology teaches us that emotional abusers use gaslighting, fear, and shame to control and manipulate their victims. Emotional abuse undermines a victim’s confidence and self-esteem. Our people suffer the common effects of emotional abuse — self-harm, drug abuse, and suicide — rates of which are all increasing in America’s native White population.

This is what the saturation of media and education anti-White messaging has done to our people. Our tormentors have isolated us through emotional and psychological abuse, which has increased their control over us. They have succeeded so mightily that many of our brethren parrot anti-White talking points and advocate for our own ethnic group’s demise. This self-hating phenomenon is not observable in any other racial group. The explosion of self-hating Whites, who proclaim to love every other culture while apologizing for and advocating the demise of their own, is evidence of systematic conditioning to accept and even welcome our own demographic replacement and the destruction of our various ethnic groups in their native lands.

Are White people victims of serious mental harm? The answer is an unequivocal “yes”. We can no longer stand by and permit the cultural messaging of the American media and educational system to brainwash our people into being either complicit observers or active participants in the genocide of our people.

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