Too Many Coincidences to Ignore

What is genocide? Quite naturally, we must first answer this foundational question if we are to move on to this topic. I am going to decline to engage the legal literate in this space (though I *will* reaffirm my long-held position that what is happening in the West meets both the UN and the US) definitions of “genocide”, I am going to propose, and then work with, a philosophical definition, one I believe to be coherent with the Moral Law:

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic elimination of a human subgroup qua a human subgroup, regardless of the methods employed to achieve such elimination.

Let’s unpack this definition.

First, genocide is *deliberate*. Mere accident is not enough. Much as we demand actus reus be coupled with mens rea for a charge of murder to obtain a conviction, so, too, must genocide be an exercise of the will.

Second, genocide must be *systematic*. The indiscriminate murder of a number of individuals due their membership in a given human subgroup is murder or mass murder, not genocide. Genocide is something more than and different from murder. Genocide is a goal, it is a plan, orchestrated and carried out step by step.

Third, genocide must be *targeted at a human subgroup qua a human subgroup*. A full examination of this element could run to many volumes, but, for our purposes, it is sufficient to point out that murdering, e.g., ethnic Brits because they are ethnic Brits would meet this element, whereas murdering Londoners because you happen to live in London and such persons are targets of convenience or opportunity would not.

Fourth, genocide may be achieved by any number of means (i.e., method does not matter). Whereas the previous three elements of the definition each contained, in its respective examination, an example of murder, genocide need not be achieved through violence of any kind. In fact, it is far more effective to commit genocide without resort to violence.

Now that we have our definition of European (‘White’) genocide, we may move on to analyzing whether or not such is occurring in our world today. As I declined to bury the lead (at least arguably, given the content of the parenthetical in the first paragraph of this article), I feel little need to wait to the end of the discussion section to render my conclusion: Europeans are currently the target of a deliberate and systematic campaign of genocide. The goal seems quite clear: The complete eradication of all, or at least most, European bloodlines.

Here is some proof.

First, the family, one man and one wife joined in marriage and their children, is the fundamental building block of Society, it is the foundation upon which all else rests and depends. For the better part of a century, now, the family has been under assault. On one front, we are faced with Feminism and the destruction of motherhood, womanhood, and femininity. On another front, we are faced with homosexuality and the undermining of the bedrock institution of marriage and the perversion of human sexual relationships. And in between these two, we have all their unholy progeny, which often intermingle and produce even greater degeneracy and destruction. For example, both Feminism and homosexuality strike at the core of fatherhood, manhood, and masculinity; taken together, these forces have contributed to the sharp rise of our so-called “hook up” culture and an equally sharp decline in stable families.

Second, mass, unregulated immigration from outside the West into Western Nations has created at least two salient classes of problems:

1. the breakdown of civil society as neighbors no longer have anything in common (except physical proximity) and

2. the economic destruction of the lower and the middle classes as natives cannot ‘compete’ with immigrants who are willing to work under deplorable conditions for slave wages.

Both of these further contribute to the feedback loop destroying families.

Third, Government-backed and -enforced programs that require, or even merely incentivize, preferential treatment of non-Europeans are, in their impact, and, frequently, also in their design, anti-European. When a high-paying, secure job goes to a non-European, such an allocation amounts to theft and precludes the formation of a European family. This is happening by the tens of millions across the Western world.

Careful readers may have noted that my examples[^2] can be explained away without resort to the conclusion of deliberate, systematic pursuit of an elimination of the European Peoples, but I would contend that any such argument or explanation would be less an appeal to Ockham’s Razor and more sophistry flowing from question begging. Taken as a whole, the coincidences are simply too numerous, and many involved in these programs are quite clear regarding their aims, especially when on social media (and this particular ‘record’ is, of course, open to all).

To my mind, there is only one sufficient explanation for the evidence: There is a concerted, deliberate, systematic, and widespread effort, an effort well under way, to eliminate the European Peoples, our Culture, and our Civilization.

In short: We are being genocided.