Do as We Say, Not as We Do

White genocide is not only a real threat to Whites, but because of the European descended peoples leading role in global affairs, it is also the greatest threat facing mankind. Most of you are probably familiar with the subject, but for reference this is how the UN defines genocide. It is important to define White genocide using the same standard by which all other genocides are defined as the media relentlessly and deceitfully tries to pigeonhole White genocide into the realm of conspiracy theory. In fact, if you type “White genocide” into a search engine, one of the first results will be a wiki article “White genocide conspiracy theory” plus a plethora of condescending “fact-checker” articles attempting to debunk the sad reality of our plight.

The very definition of the word “genocide” implies that the act is done deliberately; therefore, a criminal conspiracy must be a prerequisite to its completion. One cannot discuss White genocide truthfully and not mention the role of the Jewish people in bringing it to fruition. Although they are not the sole perpetrators, the Jew has long been at the helm of advocating for open borders, miscegenation, the destruction of White Identity and the nuclear family, not to mention the creation of Communism. Their power comes from playing groups off against one another. This is one of the meanings of their Star of David. The star itself is made up of two triangles, one facing up, the other facing down. This implies that a dialectic is taking place. You could also view it as a hexagon in the middle (or a cube if viewed in 3D) surrounded by six triangles, this represents unity in Israel through division of others. This is confirmed when you talk to Jews about the politics of Israel, almost all of them would tell you that Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Israel has a wall (that we paid for by the way) and they shoot intruders on sight. When it comes to what Israel needs, their views are ethno-nationalist, totalitarian, genocidal and expansionist. Conversely, when you ask them about what policies White nations should adopt, their tone changes to that of humanitarianism, progressiveness, tolerance, open borders and ending racism. The reasons for their duplicity, hypocrisy and hatred for our people are beyond the scope of this article, but suffice to say, they have been at war with Whites for a very long time and won’t be stopping any time soon.

I would argue that the goal of White genocide is not the elimination of the White race, but the destruction of all races. Without the White race, the other races suffer as well. We are overwhelmingly the most altruistic, humanitarian and philanthropic. Whites are the ones who helped bring the other races into the modern era, as was true in the past. Whites invented nearly everything of value, and despite the overwhelmingly disproportionate number of Jews in power, the majority of those holding the cards are still Gentiles who surely won’t genocide themselves. Many of these elites are themselves White eugenicists. The Jew needs the White man more than he knows, and he would be wise to remember this fact. The Jewish people are weak and few in number, genocide is just a means of leveling the playing field, slowly eroding away at their enemies until they are more manageable. If the Chinese were the dominant international power, they would gladly postpone their plans of White genocide until the Chinese were knocked down a few pegs. This is why the Jews were so heavily invested in funding Mao and the subsequent murder of over 40 million Chinese. China was set to become a strong nationalistic super power, so the same gang of Jewish elites who overthrew Russia in the Bolshevik Revolution turned their gaze upon Nationalist China and implemented a divide and conquer strategy that changed the face of Asia and the world forever.

Today the White Race is being genocided, but tomorrow it could be someone else. So how do we stop it? We must all stand together not just as Whites, but all of Mankind, against the forces of evil that are bringing about the collapse and destruction of our homelands. The way we combat these genocidal maniacs is with racial segregation and nationalization. Proximity creates tension and tension breeds conflict. The races of the world have been mixed up to an extent that has never been seen before in all of human history. This mixing of largely incompatible peoples is causing racial conflict on an unprecedented global scale. We must separate, cool off and focus on taking our nations back from these hostile elites who are hell-bent on destroying us all.