Heed The Warning

“White Genocide” is a cry for help and an advance warning we must heed carefully.

It is foreshadowing from our cousins in South Africa, who upon settling and taming a mostly empty land hundreds of years ago, find themselves now with their liberties, their lands, and even their lives in constant jeopardy. These were the people who lost their history to the Marxists, surrendered their flag and their anthem, and allowed social justice to bludgeon them into giving away sovereignty over their own home nation. Now, the once proud Boers are increasingly a people without a land, unable to advance their cause as they struggle merely to survive.

Were we less fortunate, they could be us today. If we are less wise, they will be us tomorrow.

Identity politics run the world today. When capitalism conquered communism, we saw the free market embrace authoritarian rule and the primary dialectic of the Cold War resolve to a new synthesis which in a global world, released long suppressed conflicts to come to the fore. Now, who you are matters everywhere, as we see how your ethnic group determines how valid states consider your concern.

In most places, there remains a healthy national model, where the most rights accrue to the native population as in Asia and most places in Africa. Yet, Europe and the Anglosphere are very different, because in these countries, the law holds all other groups above the Whites.

Here in America, every single group has legal protections against racial discrimination except Whites. When seeking assistance from the government to go to school or in bidding for work, every group gets extra special consideration except Whites. If a member of a racial group kills another in a different group, the instantaneous rush is to brand it a “hate crime”, a special category of violence that is treated differently and more vehemently, except when the crime committed is against Whites. Could the common denominator in who can be diminished be any more obvious?

Whites like to imagine we are above identity politics because it is in our moral makeup and cultural heritage to seek universal truth. We want to believe in a meritocracy and legal equity, and so whatever our leanings, most of our people structure and believe our society should be set upon along lines of fairness and opportunity. As we have witnessed each group brought into our society walk away from this understanding toward protecting their own native group by their voting and living choices, we still cling to the illusion the few we reach rather than the majority who vote for socialism and the promise of redistribution represent the eventual outcome of our efforts. Because we’re decent, to the point of delusion.

And yet, what happens when a legal system which already treats Whites by having less protection and less value than other foreign citizens is controlled by people without our restraint? How long will it be before the accomplishments and earnings of our fathers and forefathers are seized because they were totems of injustice to be sacrificed at the altar of political expediency, red meat for the mob which increasingly runs our own nation?

I know the siren song of the Left where they promise peace and equality if only they are allowed a seat at the table, but for how many decades will we crash our ships upon their poisoned shore?. I remember when gays only wanted tolerance, not to put bakers in jail. I remember when Latinos only wanted opportunity, not whole cities speaking Spanish. I remember when black civil rights meant equality and not reparations. And I’ve watched, because every inch we’ve given graciously, has been a mile taken away as we, the majority, have fled from our cities to the suburbs and now the country.

All this because we are afraid to be White. We live in a society where our culture, working against the majority as a means to an end, impugns pride in ourselves, in our people, and their many accomplishments as criminal, repressing healthy expression and forcing us to deny our selves and each other. To listen to them, our only value now is our ability to unmake the very best of what we were given and to offer service in defense of egalitarian mediocrity. Most of our people already embrace these chains of false guilt and lack both the mindset and resolve to resist any crime against them, up to and including genocide.

Have no illusion: Genocide is our future if we do not forge a better path for ourselves, with pride and humility in equal measure. It is a warning the path of least resistance leads to certain death, and a wake-up call for all those who care enough still to do something while there remains time.