Occupied America

When a country has been occupied by hundreds of thousands or millions of invaders who were uninvited and of different national origin, the historical response has been for the inhabitants of the invaded nation to rally together, suspend politics as usual, and either repel the invasion or die trying. Whether a legal declaration was made or not, citizens rightly recognized such action as the beginning of a war, a situation which necessitates unyielding and unremitting resistance.

Such an undeclared war has been waged upon both these United States and upon most nations of the West for a great many years. As should be very clear, whatever elections are held in our respective nations, the appointed officials serve interests very different than the expressed will of the people. Our media actively and unapologetically propagandizes against our citizens, our traditions, our heritage, and punishes us for speaking out against the global overlords they serve. We are forced to pay reparations in costs of billions of dollars in social welfare and untold billions more in urban decay to host the invading army, which always consists of many young men who come from without.

Yet, for some reason, we pretend this is not a war, that this is merely politics as usual. For all the money spent to persuade us of these falsehoods, any logically thinking man can see this is something different: A form of hybridized warfare between complicit national and international elites to declare independence from their own citizens who enabled their rise and lofty status. The moment those caravans and migrations crossed our borders, our elites ceased to be our countrymen, and instead became the collaborators of puppet governments whose tireless goal has been the exploitation and destruction of our respective nations.

We are occupied by a culture that hates everything we are and which masquerades as a natural progression of our internal politics. This is a lie, one we must call out at every opportunity, and against which we must suspend all other divisions until our liberation, the reclamation of our own sovereignty is achieved.

Our enemies have worked tirelessly to destroy all that was healthy in our nations, threatening those who ran our civil society, bribing those whose avarice was greater than their integrity, imprisoning those who spoke out, and arming those radicals like Antifa who willfully serve as their puppets. Their advance forces worked within our institutions to undermine and corrupt our defenses, through culture more than any other area, degrading our sense of reason, our shared identity, and our bonds of loyalty to one another. Sadly, their conquest is nearly complete, as our countrymen do not even realize we have been not just occupied but conquered and are on an inexorable path to replacement and assimilation into this foreign culture grafted onto us.

What recourse do we have? When all else fails, remember we are children of the West who still have one another and our sacred honor. We have our identity, the blood that flows through our veins, and the knowledge that every invasion that ever threatened our homes, which came upon us honestly, was repulsed. Such strength lies within us if we only remember who we are and awaken from the haze of lies and confusion the invaders and their controllers thrust upon us daily.

So many people seem incapable of imagining anything except passive acceptance of the new normal as the inevitable outcome of the future. This week, as our writers speak eloquently upon demographic change and the dismal future it portends, I ask a different question: Why must we accept this? The person who rejects the unlawful admission and legalization of waves of invaders, which were sanctified as amnesty, refugees, and now even undocumented citizens, has a powerful moral case to organize, resist, and fight for the reclamation of our justly earned homeland. We were never asked once our opinions before these people were inserted into our homes, and as such, we have no obligation other than what we now choose to accept or reject their claims to supremacy.

Until now, we have foolishly and passively accepted the rules of engagement forced upon us, where we are only permitted to talk within predefined boundaries, question limited concepts, and never ever make any decision that isn’t blessed by the propagandized majority and the corrupt election process to reach their foregone conclusions. We saw in Arizona and Florida how elections were reversed to hand the overseers an unearned victory, but will we now just return hopelessly to the plantation or plan our escape to the woods to live a forgotten and quiet life in surrender and sad contemplation?

Take heart for this is not the first time America awakened to find itself unhappily under the yoke of foreign subjugation. What Patrick Henry said long ago still rings true today:

“Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

With courage, we can push back. We can make abundantly clear there are men who still possess character and resolve, who honor our nation, and who can state plainly these show politics we are permitted are just a sham. We can openly acknowledge war has been declared upon us and fight back with the tenacity and full commitment required to secure victory, to reclaim our culture, and to regain the homeland for our people, so that our children may have a future of their own choosing.

The battle begins when we stop thinking about politics as being the same as they previously were and realize that whatever is necessary is precisely what we must do to repulse this invasion and to end the occupation. We must rediscover our liberty and secure our identity. As we should have learned by now from how the cultural Marxists targeted us, we cannot have one without the other, and no set of laws means anything without people who revere and honor them.

Our rebirth awaits once we shed the yoke of our own oppression. The pendulum is swinging.