Our Dark Future

What will America be like, when European-Americans are the minority? The most obvious, but perhaps least important answer would be: A lot more Brown. I say this is the least important, because European ethnic nationalists might be stereotyped as worrying a lot about skin color, but the reality is that skin color is just a “marker” for far more profound, and far more important differences between peoples. These underlying differences are reflected first in culture, then in politics. And it is these latter two aspects of difference that will determine if an America with a White minority is the sort of place you want to leave for your kids.

Think, for a moment, about the countries of origin of the immigrants whose children will compose the aggregate majority population of the United States. Mexico. El Salvador. India. Nigeria. Pakistan. Somalia. Would you want to raise your children as powerless minorities in any of those countries?

Without making any value judgments, I will say that any group of people of common ancestry, language and values will develop a culture that is suited to them and their environment. But what is suited to that particular people will not translate very well to an unrelated group. Though it is popular to assert that unrelated foreign groups can assimilate to a culture given time and education, consider that after 150 years of citizenship and 50 years of integration, Africans have not only failed to assimilate, but continue to carry a sense of grievance.

There is not a single non-White ethnic group in America that does NOT have numerous advocacy organizations aimed at asserting that their ethnic interests run contrary to those of White people. Jews, who have been here practically since our founding, have hundreds of specific ethnic advocacy organizations. Africans have sixty-five such organizations. Latinos have 21 organizations asserting their right to supplant our culture. Rather than assimilating, the longer an unrelated group is here, the more comprehensive its attempts to turn our culture into theirs. Though there is some amalgamation (e.g. slow motion genocide) around the edges, children of mixed race overwhelmingly identify with the interests of their non-White ancestors, and against the interests of White people.

As a result, people from Mexico, in aggregate, will create cultural and political conditions similar to those already existing in Mexico. People from Somalia will create cultural and political conditions similar to those already existing in Somalia. If you happen to be Mexican or Somalian, this is fine. But if you happen to be someone of European ancestry … from OUR perspective … America will become a shithole.

What do I mean by a shithole? America will become a place where localities are owned by criminal overlords and the police and other exponents that give the appearance of civilization on the take. There are already places in America where police turn a blind eye. Certainly, with the average IQ of the majority becoming a standard deviation lower than that of the White minority, America will become a place where the quality of any work requiring analysis or abstract thought will suffer.

But the biggest casualty will be civilization itself. As Stephen Clay McGehee discussed last week, in order to avoid sudden economic disruptions that would occur with killing White people outright, the cultural Marxists and globalists plan for a sort of gradual decline through interbreeding. But that plan will not work as they envision.

We already see a dramatic disparity of legal and social treatment wherein White people who go to a rally with all the proper permits and even court orders get charged with crimes, and Marxists who initiate violence and openly plan it in advance walk free. We see it in Supreme Court decisions that elevate “diversity” as a prime social value that justifies open discrimination against White people in college admissions. And most starkly, we see it in the 900+ times annually that White people are murdered by non-Whites and the murders are never prosecuted as hate crimes.

We see it in the nearly one MILLION times annually that White people are violently assaulted by non-Whites, and yet, if our media is any indicator … it never even happens. We can see it in the fact that, on a per-encounter basis, White people are more likely to be shot by police than Black people – because when you shoot a White man, even if he is begging for his life on his knees, there will be no publicity. We see it in the gleeful anti-White diatribes of Michelle Goldberg, and the fact America’s “paper of record” hires outright advocates of White genocide as editors.

In other words, White people in America can have no faith at all that they will be treated fairly and justly in law, in media, in school or in employment. They can have no faith in their safety when dealing with law enforcement, and they can have no faith in their safety in general. And ALL of these conditions are critical for White people to make the investments and sacrifices necessary to gain economically valuable skills, and be productive.

When America tips into a majority non-White country, all of these conditions will get even worse because there will be no political solutions through the ballot box in a world where politicians will require non-White votes to gain power. Don’t be surprised if, in certain cities, murders of any Whites who are not prominent go unsolved, creating unstated sanctuaries for killing. And the economic productivity of White people systematically denied access and opportunity and fearing for their safety – the very productivity that Marxism depends upon to sustain our intended replacements – will decline.

Because non-Whites disproportionately require public assistance, and the environment will force White productivity to decline at a rate greater than their decline in population, economics are going to get dicey very quickly. Even at current levels of productivity, our national debt will equal GDP by 2028. Our unfunded liabilities already exceed the net worth of the entire country. By 2020, the interest on the national debt will exceed what we spend on Medicaid. By 2023, that interest payment will exceed what we spend on defense.

What happens when you combine resource scarcity with diversity in a situation where White people are the numerical minority and do NOT hold power?

What has happened every time in history that has occurred? Open murder of White people. It can be in mass, as happened in Haiti, or just a consistent steady stream of murder, as in South Africa. Only a fool believes that somehow a consistent historical pattern of cause and effect will be avoided.

Today we are only 57% of the population, and if you believe we really have until 2043 before we are a minority, I have a bridge to sell you. This future can still be averted, though just barely. But you no longer have the luxury to continue ignoring reality in order to stay comfortable today. Because if you do, your kids will die tomorrow.