Defend Your People to Renew This Nation

Our founding fathers understood the importance of nurturing a measure of ethnic cohesion to unite the people of a nation. They also intended to maintain the European character of the country and develop it as a home for the European people who settled it. This much was evident in our founding documents, early citizenship laws, and other writings.

Despite this, White Americans are projected by all estimates to become a mere plurality in the country founded by these ancestors less than 500 years ago. Faustian men and women of our father nations toiled and died for the right to claim part of this continent as a home for the European diaspora, yet we are expected to drop below 50% of the population before 2045.

It’s not difficult to find articles celebrating the “imminent” demise of White America, while mocking the “bigots” and “cowards” who are brave enough to speak against their demographic replacement. These anti-White pundits are overjoyed at the prospect of a majority minority country, imagining a place much more “inclusive” and “diverse”, yet they don’t actually explain what such a replacement might mean for us.

I could do a very simple examination of the ethnic groups most rapidly gaining in population proportionality and demonstrate how they suffer from higher rates of crime, poverty, and illegitimate births. I could break down data showing that their children have lower performance levels in the sphere of education, regardless of the billions of dollars spent on programs to bring them up to standards. However, discussion of civil society descending into shithole status is not my primary motivation for writing this article.

The most important feature of a country is its people. They define its soul, destiny, and any future accomplishments. The true embodiment of America is the descendants of those Europeans who tamed the land we live in. With the diminishment of this diaspora of English, German, and Dutch people, this land will continue being America in name alone. When I examine what demographic change means for America, I first and foremost want to know what it means for my kinsfolk; not specifically for the government, economy, crime rate, or education system, which I don’t have room to discuss in detail here.

As Whites lose our majority status in America, we will lose power as a group. Our group interests have not been the priority of our ruling elites for a number of decades now, but this problem will be compounded once we are a minority. Other ethnic groups in the US do not have the same self-imposed restrictions on pursuing institutional advantages for their own people because they have not been browbeaten into self-hatred, but have actually been encouraged to seek these advantages out.

Every stripe of US citizen has been conditioned to believe that the only way certain minority groups can obtain parity with the European diaspora is through granting minorities unique institutional privileges and restricting the opportunities of White people. Once the political and institutional power of US minority groups reaches critical mass in our government, judicial system, and higher learning, there is no reason to believe these features won’t be ratcheted up to new, unimaginable levels. This will all be done in the name of equality, even after we have fallen from power.

The higher crime rates demographic change will undoubtedly inflict upon us will lead to the uprooting of White families from areas that were previously known for “good schools” and “safe streets”. No responsible, loving parent wants their children to attend a school where they are bullied and beaten by African and Hispanic students for being White. We already live in a country where unsuspecting White people being hunted by roaming packs of “youth” is so common, the media doesn’t even mention it anymore.

If such blatant and widespread victimization is ignored today, while we still hold a small majority, the crimes of racial hatred committed against us in another 40 years will rival the horrors facing White South Africans today. Just as it is there, our persecution and disenfranchisement will be endorsed by the state and our children will become hated foreigners in their own homeland.

In a country where we aren’t allowed to collectively pursue our own group’s interests, how can we expect other people that have been conditioned to despise and envy us for generations to look out for our interests once they gain power? Because of the numbers game that is our governmental system, there will be no political recourse if our demographic decline is not reversed before we lose the ability to elect our own people into office.

It should be our duty to convince other White people in America to stop celebrating their own replacement before it’s too late, and to realize that we have no moral obligation to embrace our own displacement. Take the side of your own family and consider the home you leave for your descendants. As more White people are willing to embrace their group identity and reject anti-White propaganda, others will be influenced to do the same and a paradigm shift can occur. It is our task to make our family and friends aware of these realities. Not all of the diaspora is salvageable, but the discussion can be had with the youngest generation who is surrounded by the consequences of diversity every day, as well as the “bitter clingers” who may still yearn for an America lost. If we are unable to correct the damage radical individualism and materialism have done to our ethnic cohesion, we will eventually be forced to fight, flee, or disappear entirely as other great civilizations have before.

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