White Women: The Swing Vote

For years, the Republican Party has been searching for the magical formula to appeal to the right segment of the population to ensure electoral competitiveness. Over the last decades and even throughout the Trump Administration, these efforts have seen billions of dollars spent on programs, designed by Democrats, for their minority backers, receive tacit acceptance from Republicans as public virtue signaling. Such generosity has been prompted by both the unwillingness to contest the racial narrative for some time that Whites are bad and need to pay for our supposed sins, but also out of an oft-expressed desire to convert minority voters into Republicans.

Owing to the perverse morality so many White Americans have adopted of internalized shame, a strange paradox has arisen where the more we’re rejected in these efforts, the harder we try, thus rendering ourselves as allies to the Left in our own demographic replacement. The hard numbers over the last fifty years are unforgiving and vary only slightly across administrations with a gradual and recurring tilt further Left. Ninety percent of Blacks vote for Democrats, and nearly seventy percent of Latinos and now Asians do the same. The previous two years, with record low unemployment and unprecedented economic opportunity, the means by which Republican strategists hope to lure these voters off their plantations, have fallen flat as they always have before.

Simple logic suggests why these well-intentioned but naïve efforts are doomed to fail. Where the Right offers opportunity, the Left offers tangible returns, and their willingness to tacitly offer all you have or could create, represents as an absolute value, more than these people are likely to generate on their own. White voters have resigned themselves to being the cash cow for multiculturalism across our country, and our defensive strategy has been an endless retreat from our cities, our colleges, and our very culture, one which our own politicians celebrate endlessly on both sides. This must end.

Here at Pendulum, we regularly cover the costs of changing demography, so I will skip past those troubling issues to a useful suggestion for the Republican Party, the Right, and White identarians alike. The single group of swing voters who may be persuaded to walk a different path are Whites, and specifically White women. Representing about 30% of the population, a swing of just ten points in their voting habits and mindset would produce a wave of red across this country. Furthermore, as mothers, daughters, and sisters to fellow Whites, they are not intrinsically predisposed not to hatred of our identity, but rather are held captive by the programming which works to undermine their confidence and to encourage unnatural division between our men and women.

We can reach White women and this might be why the media works so hard to promote division between us. Our challenge, which is as much a cultural battle as a political one, is to reclaim our women. Part of this battle will be to destroy feminism, a corrupt philosophy rooted in the hatred of men, destruction of the family, and depravity of cultural Marxism. Feminine renewal driven by a focus on the joys of motherhood, and the promise of security of sound relationships will appeal to their natural instincts and help strengthen our men and women alike while also reducing state influence.

Such efforts will increase the birthrate and begin healing the real and painful schism between men and women. We can do so based on principle and genuine concern, and when it comes to policy, shift our spending from supporting foreigners, and move it toward supporting mothers and families who need the help. Recognizing marriage as being solely between a man and a woman would help, demonstrating a commitment to reconnecting our two genders in partnership.

We know the Left will attack White women even more vigorously than they have already been hinting at, and in such, reveal their own depravity. It will take maturity and thoughtfulness on our part, and patience for the long years of deprogramming ahead, but as is often the case, our morals and our identity both benefit from such actions, and without addressing both, we surely will be diminished.

White identity needs White women. Instead of white knighting for them, it’s time we target and stop enabling those who have stolen them from us. Women respect strength, and this fight is long overdue.