Waking to the New American Nightmare

America is in the midst of a demographic crisis that will forever reshape American culture as well as America’s role on the geopolitical stage. Andrew Breitbart once said: “politics is downstream from culture”, but I would argue that culture is downstream from race. Republicans have long been told: “don’t fall for the Left’s game of identity politics”, but identity politics is politics. Every “identity” will vote for the interests of their group, whether that identity is racial, gender, religious, sexual, political or socio-economic. The issues we care about will vary depending on what group we identify with. Identity matters, and it isn’t going anywhere, so Whites in particular need to wise up to the reality of racial identity and start standing up for our collective interests, because other races are standing up for theirs and they are not afraid to do so at our expense.

Unlike Europe, America has always had a unique relationship with other races due to our proximity to Blacks, Mestizos, Mexicans and Native Americans, not to mention the various other European ethnicities. When the New World was discovered, there began a race against the clock to explore and conquer the Americas before everyone else conquered it for themselves. English, Germans, Spaniards, French, Scots, Irish and Dutch made the voyage to the Americas and started claiming areas as their own. Despite this, each of these unique ethnicities maintained their culture and their traditions for generations largely due to their self-segregation and efforts to maintain local cultural homogeneity.

Although America has always had a unique mix of various races with different cultures, we were, for the most part united by an American identity of freedom, self-sufficiency, honor and a belief that anything was possible with some hard work and dedication. This identity was the product of the European settlers who came to America seeking a better life and freedom from the toxicity of the Old World. These settlers came here with nothing; they worked tirelessly in some of the most unforgiving conditions and were frequently under attack by hostile natives. They built an entire nation from scratch, with little help from the Old World. It allowed former subjects of the European aristocracies and a corrupt church to have the freedom to choose how they lived their life. Most came here to have a fresh start and the opportunity for upward mobility. They came to apply the lessons learned from the mistakes of the Old World and dedicate themselves to not repeating them. It empowered these European settlers to take the knowledge of the advancements of the Renaissance and apply them to a new land without the prohibitions imposed by the European status quo. This much-needed fresh start inspired these European settlers to create the greatest nation on Earth. A nation of pioneers, inventors, builders, craftsmen, hunters, farmers and tradesmen. Families were strong, they stuck together, they worked hard and they lived by the principles of their faith. These brave men and women struggled for their freedom and earned it, then maintained it by fostering a culture of responsibility and honor. They built a nation that they were proud to pass down to their descendants in hopes that we would be a beacon of virtue in a world of darkness and corruption.

In the past hundred years, our cultural traditions were replaced by a synthetic pop culture of hedonism, consumerism, convenience, disposability and endless entertainment. Now that America has been established and the wealth consolidated, people have wised up to the fraudulence of the “American Dream” in the modern era. The game is rigged and those who rigged it made sure to restrict the freedoms of citizens that were supposed to level the playing field against tyrannies and monopolies. This has weakened the fabric of the American identity, which was something that people of all races used to embrace not too long ago.

The media and academia (on behalf of their corporate and banking overlords) was (and still is) complicit in the incremental obfuscation, perversion and rescripting of what it means to be an American. These subversive elements sought to undermine American sovereignty by destroying the family, undermining our culture of self-reliance and limiting personal freedom by enticing Americans into dystopian mega-cities with the siren song of industrial jobs, entertainment and the excitement and convenience of city life. Now that the American identity has been reduced to sports teams, shopping malls and hot dogs, this has created a power vacuum that allowed for the Marxist infiltration of our institutions, a suicidal open-borders immigration policy, astronomical rates of crime and mental illness as well as racial tension that is on the cusp of erupting into a civil war. The economic rape and plunder of our nation by a handful of international corporations, banks and wasteful government agencies has made the average person fearful for their financial future, which has sown the seeds of distrust, hostility and desperation within the public.

Without a sufficiently robust shared identity to keep us bound together, we are now in a battle royale for the scraps that remain of the carcass that was America. This is made all the more dangerous because of the ever-accelerating rate of racial diversity within the nation. Without any one particular group having an ethnic majority in America, it creates the preconditions for a violent power struggle. Given the incessant anti-White rhetoric being proselytized by the media and academia, non-Whites, women, homosexuals and self-loathing Whites have been radicalized and brainwashed into hating the very same White people who founded America, freed the slaves, ended segregation, gave women the right to vote, cured almost every disease ever cured and invented most of the inventions that revolutionized the world.

Our kindness was taken for weakness, and now there is no turning back from the consequences of demographic change. As Whites continue to become a minority in the homeland pioneered, settled and developed by our forefathers, non-Whites will continue beating the drums of war as they try and seize this opportunity to claim parts of America as their own. Their sense of entitlement to what we all used to share together as American citizens is indicative of their hostility towards Whites and showcases their unwillingness to compromise and unite around a shared identity.

As this racial tension escalates, I believe we will see an increase in racial violence, terrorism and intimidation tactics on the part of these non-Whites, Marxists and other violent revolutionary groups. I think we will see racial balkanization, beginning at a local level, but then spreading all over the nation. Mexicans will likely take large swathes of the Southwest in their crusade to “reclaim” Aztlan. Most major cities will be taken over by Blacks, Muslims, radical Leftist groups and roving gangs of thieves and murderers (this has already happened in many cities). Rural areas will be claimed by Conservative and Nationalistic Whites who are forced to engage in “White Flight” to escape the increasingly dangerous cities. The gradual breakdown of law and order will accelerate the economic collapse and further fan the flames of civil war.

I believe this was all part of the Internationalist’s plan; to create a true “world war”, not necessarily of nation vs. nation, but one of civil wars in all nations, further allowing the international elite to divide and conquer and consolidate control, a massive real-life game of Risk that plays everyone off against one another.