News from 2038

reprinted from the December 1, 2038 edition of the Texas Tribune

Twenty-Eighth Amendment Ratified – Safety for America

AUSTIN – After three weeks of heated debate, the Texas Legislature yesterday voted to ratify the 28th Amendment which repeals the long obsolete 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Mass celebrations broke out in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and throughout the country as Texas, being the thirty-eighth state to ratify the proposed amendment, has now secured safety for Americans throughout the entire nation.

For years, activists believed this day would never come, but with the changing demography throughout America and here in Texas, people now look back to the Alamo as a sad incident in our history used to justify violence and intimidation which have no place in our peaceful diverse society.

Democrat Majority Leader Ana Guadalupe spoke out, “This is a victory for all Americans and our democracy as we now know we will be able to exist in peace and security. Texas has always led the way into the future, and we are proud today to secure victory for our children and their safety.”

The last decade has seen the national movement against guns pick up steam starting first with the IRS investigation into the NRA which led to the imprisonment for illicit donations prosecuted during the Mbongo Administration in 2030. Building upon the momentum that arose from that corruption, the passage of the National Health Care Freedom Act ensured both access to health care for all Americans without any cost, and mental health screenings as part of our national effort to make sure our people are well-adjusted and happy.

The results of that research proved that gun violence was harming the assailants as much as the victims of such unthinkable crimes, and that screening could identify through both free health screenings as well as social media monitoring to ensure safety and tranquility, those people prone to violence whom the law prevented from having access to weaponry lest they commit harm against others or themselves.

After a brief period of terrorism with several rural terrorist organizations being captured and sent for rehabilitation, the massive drop in gun violence as reported by the FBI led to a renewed push for civilized people to end the Second Amendment for good. Now, America joins the rank of the developed world finally to ensure that weapons like this will never be able to hurt anyone once again.

In Washington, President Jemele Jenkins-Alvarez issued this statement:

“Today is a great victory for liberty, as Americans have chosen a future to be free from the domination of violence, and instead where we can all co-exist in peace.”

She took particular delight in how peacefully this bill was adopted, because despite recurring claims floating around about primarily older white people uprising to defend this anachronism, targeted arrests of known provocateurs ensured there was only scant public resistance.

About a dozen people gathered outside the celebration in Austin to register their disagreement, with one college student, “John” who refused to give his full name, but was identified in the Federal Register as John Ford, stating, “This is not America anymore. We have no liberties or freedoms, but merely the government making all decisions for us.” Since his identification, he has been scheduled for mental health counseling as his absurd statement warrants.

We now can enjoy an America that is free for all people, where our government helps those in need and ensures every American succeeds, and works toward the goal of taking our great system and integrating it with the world effort to unite our common human race without fear and without threats toward one another.”

We are far nearer this future than anyone realizes. This is what happens when America becomes like the rest of the world, which is precisely what happens when you let everyone in and let the same people who brainwash children elsewhere lead our kids astray here.

Mark my words: Let the demographic replacement continue and not only will the Constitution so many love be perverted into a mockery of itself, but people will also celebrate its demise and those who few who understand what was lost will cower in fear and fade into history.