What Cavemen Can Teach Us

So… let’s talk about sex. Not the act pervert, but the reason for it. Making babies.

Reproduction is, on the most basic level, the meaning of life: All our pleasure centers are built toward driving us to reproduce our genes. Evolutionarily speaking, the urge to create offspring is the prime directive, so the importance of sex and gender roles really can’t be overstated.

While not all women are cut out to be good mothers and some rare ones aren’t even interested in doing so, successful mothers have certain traits they need to embody; Traits like selflessness, extreme care for another being and a strong desire to nurture life. Qualities necessary to raise children. They can’t be taking risks, they have babies to feed and the time investment… A woman is gestating for almost a year and should be breast feeding for almost two years. That’s three years investment in just one baby! Women with children need to be preoccupied with safety and security. They can’t be expected to find their own meals and protect their person from enemies and worry about everything going on outside, there’s plenty to worry about inside!

What about men? Well, a good father needs particular traits too, if he wants to raise healthy children able to pass along his genes. The primary one is the ability to provide, but that’s a whole lot of traits all wrapped up in one. He’s got to be able to feed his family. Before we were made soft with grocery stores and paper money, that used to mean he needed the intestinal fortitude to go out and kill. It also meant he had to protect his babies and his wife from external threats, things that might think his young would make a good meal or other humans who might find it easier to take from his family instead of finding their own meals. Again, he has to be able to kill. There’s a certain type of cruelty necessary to be a man and feed and protect a family. A real balance is inherent in that position, between care for your family and the callousness necessary to provide. It’s a huge burden psychologically, to have to decide in very real terms what lives, what dies and at what cost.

This all sounds very caveman, I know, but we are not merely the culmination of a hundred years of civilization, but rather of thousands of years of evolution. The human psyche does not simply shed instinct just because technology has outpaced our ability to adapt. So, we covered the basics of what types of men and women in the distant past raised children capable of raising more children for hundreds of generations culminating (in this moment) in a world where you and I are safe enough and have enough leisure time to have this discussion. The modern world is very far removed from our ancestors’ circumstances, but not so much that our children require a completely different model of men and women. The basics still apply. External threats still exist, babies still need to eat, mothers are still faced with a huge time investment in child rearing.

Rather than talk about women in the movement and what their role should be I would rather let evolution define what our roles should be, I’m a stickler for Natural Law. Natural Law will also demonstrate (it never dictates, only demonstrates and ignore at your own peril), that anomalies do and will always exist. That’s nature’s way of attempting to improve the species (usually those variations die out, but some give us an advantage). I can’t say “All women must X”, or “All men should X”, but you’re smart enough to understand generalities without me constantly stating NAXALT crap.

Women have certain traits and men have complementary ones. There are good reasons why historically women don’t lead armies and why they have rarely made good heads of state and there’s reasons why men worship the natural beauty of a fertile woman. Statesmanship is a nasty, cutthroat, kill or be killed (metaphorically sometimes) atmosphere. I could no more love a woman who competed for power than a woman could love a man who breastfeeds.

To me, women are an inspiration, a reason to go fight. Women are far too good to be sullied by statecraft and the hardships of war. I hate like hell to see our girls have to fight alongside us, but if that’s the way it needs to be, I’m not gonna argue. When Whites have a place to ourselves, where we don’t have to face extinction anymore, I’m sure natural order will restore itself, it always does. If we would simply stop pretending we exist outside this natural order as the dominant animal species on the planet, I think a lot of these questions answer themselves.