The Rebirth of Venus

The “Woman Question” has been almost as contentious as the “Optics Debate.” I can certainly understand men’s frustration with modern women and with some women within the movement. Some women (and some men) are still perceiving themselves and others through the mutated Marxist lens and are behaving thusly.

I myself have been burned enough times to be a justified MGTOW, and yet, I persist. This is largely because carrying on one’s genes is the overwhelmingly biological purpose of this existence as Doug Morrison so aptly pointed out in his piece on the same topic.

Before I was fully red-pilled, I dated women from a number of different races, but I always knew that I wanted my children to look like me. A White woman is the ultimate prize as the White woman is nature’s finest art. This is a more objective statement than many realize.

As Landon Mondragon and I discussed on a recent episode of Brainstorm, most White women want a White man for a mate (and vice versa). This is just the natural order. However, if a White man is not available, she will go with a non-White. With our demographic trends and our enemy’s increased glorification of miscegenation in all mediums of communication, many non-White men are claiming their prize.

As these conditions worsen, more and more, White women will increasingly go with THE OTHER. This is why bridging the Marxist chiseled chasm between our men and women should be one of the main, if not THE main focus of our movement. Securing a future for White children starts with making White children which starts with the healthy coupling of our breeding age men and women.

To address this problem, we can take a two-front approach:

Firstly, we need a propaganda campaign that idealizes and romanticizes the coupling and mating of White women with White men. This can’t be done with mere facts and figures (although the facts and figures should be baked in), but with the most aesthetically pleasing and evocative PSAs, music, stories, films, shows, etc., we can possibly muster.

Another faction of this propaganda campaign should include media (especially humorous skits and memes) which ruthlessly mock the enemy’s obviously intentional pushing of miscegenation in advertisements, films, music, etc. Many within the movement have drawn attention to this, and while taking it seriously and complaining about it does raise awareness, it is not the most effective way to combat it. To truly combat it, we need to delegitimize the notion entirely by relentlessly making fun of it.

While changing people’s hearts and minds is part of the equation, this alone is not enough for us to achieve our desired goal. Every distinct people have an ideal set of conditions in which their people thrive. White people are no different. The ideal conditions in which our people are able to couple and thrive have been intentionally dissolved. Therefore, we have to intentionally recreate them.

Ideally, this needs to happen across society at large, but this isn’t feasible at the moment. Rather, we need to create small pockets of this and allow it to grow. This can start with an event which can fulfill this purpose: a traditional dance.

The term “traditional dance” brings a number of different ideas to people’s minds and means different things in different places, so please allow me to define it more clearly. When I say, “traditional dance” I mean like the kind of dances that we had pre-1965, where the music was overwhelmingly made by us and for us, the dancing style was overwhelmingly by us and for us, there was still a sense of chastity and moral order, traditional gender roles were the norm, alcohol was not the focus of the event and we still had some kind of courting process in place.

A traditional dance specifically for people of European descent could serve a number of functions for the movement:

1. We could create the ideal conditions for our people to meet, mingle, fall in love and start a family.

2. We could begin building high-trust, homogeneous community at the local level.

3. Rather than trying to explain it to them in the abstract, our people could experience the benefits of a high-trust, homogeneous community in real life. If they could actually experience what they were missing, they would be much more inclined to come to our way of thinking.

4. It would cultivate local culture.

At first, there will probably just be one of these happening here and there, but the goal is to get the idea to go viral to where there is one happening in every locality, every Saturday night. We can do this with a carefully crafted propaganda campaign which romanticizes and idealizes this type of event and we can have a fairly decentralized, back channel communication network of people who are organizing these across the country. Ultimately, we need to recruit organizers and train them.

There is an art to hosting a successful event and there will be added obstacles given our current political climate. The variables have to be just right to ensure that we create the right atmosphere and a safe environment for attendees. As someone who has organized a number of successful events, I’m in the process of writing a more detailed guide on how to organize these types of events, so please keep an eye out for that.

In a sense, we would just be setting the stage. Then, we can stand back and allow nature to take its course.

Not only would these events be something tangible that the movement could offer to both men and women, it would also begin establishing the social pillar which will create an opportunity for more women to get involved.

This is all within our immediate grasp. It is merely a matter of stepping out of our comfort zone and being willing to coordinate, cooperate and act collectively.