How the Media Divides Both Sexes

Have you ever wondered why leftist talking heads, “journalists”, and media pundits continually screech, “How can women embrace misogynistic far right movements?!” Why do they spend so much time conjuring images of right-wing women being forced to surrender their freedom to balance working in the capitalist market with securing as many causal sex partners as possible – in order to be perpetually pregnant and enslaved in the kitchen of a fascist dictator, who views her as chattel? Why does the media neglect the main thrust of our movement and focus on those men who we ourselves have had to cast out? It’s because the media seeks to drive women away from our movement. Because they know that women are essential to the survival of our people and the civilization we are fighting to preserve.

Healthy men and healthy women make a healthy society. Anti-Whites want to ensure that our men are unhealthy. That our women are unhealthy. That our civilization is destroyed. Is it only the media’s malicious false claims that there are unhealthy men in our movement? Sadly, no. It’s true there exists a small subset of men claiming right wing ideology who hate women. These men have separated themselves from our women because they themselves have been irreparably damaged by modernity. It is a great tragedy that not all of our people can be saved from the wages of modernity. The good news is that these irreparably broken men are few, and that our movement is growing in health and fullness with whole and healthy men, looking forward to a bright future for Our People.

My own personal experiences within the White nationalist community is one of happily married couples or single people who aspire to having a healthy family. Most of us are here because we understand what our elites are poised to give up and what we have already lost. None who I know hate people unlike us, nor are societal freaks incapable of interacting with the “normal” people. All of those I know are here, fighting and sacrificing, because we want our people to continue. This is a healthy goal and one which necessarily includes building families.

The media focuses attention on fringe right wing men because these men are repugnant to any healthy person. This is a concerted effort to discredit and atomize us from people who may otherwise be sympathetic or even supportive. The media also reifies the modern messaging that acknowledging any differences between the sexes is a “social construct of misogyny”. This, too, is used to paint us in a negative light. Their slanderous narrative against our movement can be overcome with our true message, spoken publicly.

White nationalism’s primary goals of securing the existence of our people and a future for White children will largely hinge on cultivating and attracting the efforts of men who have the ability to put the common good above their own personal interests. In turn, this will attract the best women who will align themselves to men who are worthy of their love and respect. It is true that, for a variety of reasons, sexual selection in white civilization is skewed in favor of females. However, this becomes an irrelevancy within a movement that places value in the virtues once cultivated by our ancestors and a movement which rebukes the diseases of modernity. Likewise, by recalling the natural order of our people, our youth will, once again, have access to spiritually healthy and suitable mates to build the future with. This will advance our goals, perhaps more than any form of activism.

Related to the natural ordering that occurs by throwing off the modern ills of radical feminism, sexual hedonism, etc., etc., etc., and reclaiming the virtues of our ancestors is the fact that we need not worry at all about the “how and how many” of women’s involvement in our movement. Without egalitarian quotas or forced blurring of gender roles, the issue of female inclusion will sort itself out –as it always has within the natural order of a healthy society.

What we need now is for more of our presentable, healthy members — men and women — to step into the public sphere. The more we do this, the more we will dispel the false representations of who we are and, thus, the more attractive we become to healthy, quality people. We should promote our public figures — men and women — who embody the ideals necessary for growth and renewal of Our People. This will have the effect of bringing more health and vitality to our movement – growing our ranks of men and women, who are equally necessary for everything we wish to accomplish for Our People and Our Future.

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