A Deliberate Heart Attack

Men and women are different, not just biologically but emotionally and psychologically as well. Western democracies have fallen victim to the plague of Egalitarianism. We have been told for decades that everyone is the same and we are all interchangeable, when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The problem we are having in the West is not women’s interest in politics, it is women taking leading roles in politics in which they are not adapted to excel. Because of this, politicians have begun to cater to the whims and fancies of women, not to help them, but to exploit them. The media, politicians and social engineers have used very clever tricks in order to fool women into supporting policies that are detrimental to their long-term best interests. It is for this specific reason that I do not believe women should hold leadership positions within our movement, or any movement.

A great example of this is the “Syrian Boy” media spectacle. A single photo hit international headlines of a dead Syrian boy washed ashore off the coast of Turkey and women all over the world were outraged that a little boy died because Western governments wouldn’t allow migrants into our nations. These well-meaning women’s heartstrings were played like a fiddle by a disingenuous media with a political agenda. The fact of the matter is the boy did not die because of heartless Western government’s immigration policies. Western governments have had their doors wide open to the world for decades. The boy died because our borders are wide open, which allowed illegal human trafficking enterprises to flourish. It is these traffickers who oversold seats on dingy rafts that were hardly seaworthy and, to add insult to injury, they sold the passengers fake life jackets! These women didn’t wait to hear that part of the story though, they saw a picture of a dead child, they were overcome by emotion and the media steered their emotion in the wrong direction to exploit their outrage and altruism for political gain.

Another important point to stress is the fact that women were not only propagandized into voting in favor of the wishes of the political and banking establishments, but they have been psychologically targeted for complete and utter discombobulation and destruction. The average woman has been subjected to a degree of brainwashing that is truly difficult to fathom. Almost all media and advertisement targets women, especially young women. Their hearts and minds have been so scrambled, every insecurity exacerbated, every weakness exploited, and every animosity amplified. The rage inside these broken women has been unleashed upon mankind with the fury of a hurricane. I believe women were specifically targeted by groups like the Fabian Socialists because of their malleability, susceptibility to peer pressure and how riddled they are with deeply ingrained psychological trauma and rage. Women are rarely the delicate little flowers we have been led to believe they are. There is a very dark, secretive and destructive side to womankind that must be tamed and only strong male leaders can tame these women and give them the guidance, stability and stewardship that will foster a healthy environment for a woman in which to blossom.

The propaganda that we are subjected to is becoming increasingly complex and in order to shield ourselves from its harmful effects, it is crucial to maintain a degree of emotional impartiality that women are, frankly, not capable of. This is why, for thousands of years; politics was a male only sport. Women are emotional creatures, not that men aren’t, but women are particularly susceptible to emotional manipulation, not to mention the deeper psychological trauma they have been plagued with. This was never much of an issue until the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. This massive new voting demographic that was created overnight became a target ripe for exploitation. The whole point of the Women’s Suffrage Movement was to create a neurotic and easily manipulable political block that could be unleashed on the world. Incrementally this brought about totalitarianism, the Nanny State, limited economic and personal freedom, as well as opened the borders to create a multicultural global society. All this was achieved under the guise of “humanitarianism”, “love”, “philanthropy”, “tolerance”, “safety” and “security”. These talismanic buzzwords strike at the heart of what women desire most, and thus, are used to mind control (or more correctly, heart control) often well-intentioned women who just want to be nurturing and kind to the whole world. This naivety and misuse of motherly instincts is why women are not the protectors of civilization, but rather the caretakers and managers of the household and children. Women’s natural instincts and virtues that make them such beautiful and magical creatures were hijacked and leveraged against the foundational principles of our society. This is precisely why America’s founders warned against unnecessary amendments to the Constitution. It is also why they were not allowed to vote, hold office or sign legal contracts.

The best example of why these rules were in place is the Feminist Movement. This political cult sang the siren song of “freedom”, “equality”, “love”, “rights” and most importantly “power”. Women are physically weaker and intellectually limited in comparison to men. This has created resentment toward men. Normally, this resentment was a minor issue, men also have things we are resentful toward women for, this is just one of the consequences of having two genders. We are different and these differences naturally lead to resentments. The Feminist Movement targeted this insecurity and picked at this scab until it became a giant infected wound that could be irritated and picked apart whenever the Internationalist elite wanted to attack the men of a given society. The most fundamental bond of a species is that between the males and females, and with the ability to cause division between these two by pitting women against men, you could control, and even destroy the entire species. Now that Feminism has been given such political power, these very same “champions for women’s rights” are now advocating for policies that will allow for the continued invasion of White homelands by Muslim, African and Hispanic invaders who have the most malignantly patriarchal and abusive cultures on the planet! The irony is just too rich! I believe this speaks volumes about the self-loathing and self-destructive tendencies of women in power as well as the spiteful attitudes of women toward the weak men who tried so pathetically to appease them.

Needless to say, the animosity between the sexes is as old as time. However, we had always found ways to overcome this divide for the greater good of the species. Sadly, in the current political climate, it seems that women have been given such tremendously unprecedented political power (which they are scarcely capable of wielding) and have been so poisoned by a sadistic media, that any hope for reconciliation between the sexes under the current status quo seems bleak. The great irony is that in promising women equality and freedom, Feminism has only delivered confusion and misery to the average woman. Most women do not want power; they don’t know what to do with it. Most women want simple, stable, happy lives with a husband and children who love her dearly. They want strong masculine men who will lead them, protect them and make the best decisions for her and their family. Men and women are biologically adapted to their unique roles. We must accept that there is more wisdom contained within the millions of years of Human biology than there is in some catchy slogan screeched by a rabid, unhappy and lonely Feminist. It seems that not all that glimmers is gold and perhaps, if we ever get out of this mess, women would be wise to remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side.