When the French Fight and Americans Won’t…

As an entity of our own, half a millennium in the making, regular Americans often feel disconnected from events happening in Europe. This is understandable given that there is an ocean between us and many Americans don’t often think about their European heritage and what it truly means.

We’ve also been led to believe that the fates of European countries and our own are not necessarily intertwined. There was a time when this was largely true and isolationism was a viable foreign policy. However, in the global era, with an ever-increasing and ever-darkening world population, ensuring that our greatest allies (historically White countries) are able to maintain their cultural and political character will become increasingly important for our own preservation and prosperity.

The entities working to dissolve our nation-state and all Western nation-states (both Capitalists and Communists) view the world through a global lens and organize themselves strategically as such. Like it or not, we Nationalists must also think in global terms if we want to weather these attacks on the very structure that allows us to remain a distinct people.

The culture war we currently find ourselves embroiled in is not just an internal war between Americans. The propaganda push for inclusiveness and multiculturalism started right after WWII in many countries across the Western World and these notions began making legislative headway in the 1960s. This was no coincidence. It was absolutely intentional and by design. This was a concerted effort and long-term strategy by the Globalist elite to destroy Western Civilization, and at the moment, unfortunately, their plan is working.

This is largely because Western Nationalists have not yet begun to fight back. There are a couple of main reasons for this. Firstly, while there is a dedicated group of Western Nationalists from their respective countries who recognize the global enemy and the need for global level cooperation and organization, we have not yet reached a critical mass in terms of numbers for this to start having the necessary effect. Secondly, Western Nationalists have not yet developed an effective over-arching strategy for combatting Globalists in the cultural, economic, social and political spheres. In short, we need to be both better organized and more determined than they are to win. While we’re still a good distance from that, we are starting to see signs of life.

More and more people of European descent are waking up and recognizing that they have a common enemy. The recent Yellow Jacket protests in France and the fact that they’re spreading across Europe (Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, The UK, Belgium and elsewhere) is evidence of this. The Yellow Vest protests have largely been organic, so there is no real organizational structure or formal set of demands to speak of. However, they are putting massive pressure on politicians at large. They are at least partially responsible for the Prime Minister of Belgium, Charles Michel, being pressured to resign after losing a no-confidence vote. Macron is facing similar pressure in France as are leaders in other European countries. Hopefully, these protests will continue and professionalize in the coming months.

There is a feedback loop between the United States and Europe. Brexit inspired Americans to elect President Trump and the election of President Trump was a big boost to Nationalists across the Western World. However, it’s become clear in recent months that the Trump presidency has stalled. With his impotent inaction on social media censorship, his allowing the persecution of actual Nationalists (see James Fields, the Rise Above Movement, the Charlottesville 4, and on, and on) while Antifa riot with impunity in the streets, hordes of illegals flooding over our southern border, not a single indictment of high-level criminals, etc., etc., we Trump supporters have no shortage of legitimate grievances with his administration. At the moment, the significant nationalist action is happening in Europe.

The question is: What is it going to take to finally awaken the sleeping giant in America? We may finally have an answer to this question. President Trump’s succession of weakness and failure over the past few days might be enough to rouse a critical mass. In less than a week, President Trump’s “prison reform” bill was passed in the Senate, his administration issued a ban on bump stocks, and he backed down and didn’t force a shutdown (again) to get funding for the wall while the State Department pledged $10 billion for development in Southern Mexico and Central America. This succession of epic failures is outrageous and even some of President Trump’s most ardent supporters are having trouble spinning this as 4D chess.

I periodically check the most commented on articles on Breitbart to get a sense of where regular Trump supporters heads are at. It appears that many Trump supporters are reaching a breaking point with the events of the past week. At the time of writing, this Breitbart article about the $10 billion going to development in Central America and Southern Mexico has over 20,000 comments which is a lot for a Breitbart article. Here’s the 2nd highest rated comment:

This is a good sign. We should encourage this in any way we can and if it gains momentum, we should ride the wave. So, tell all of your normie Trump supporting friends and family to buy a Yellow Jacket because the French are making us look like a bunch of freedom fry eating pansies!