Frozen In Conflict: Stage II of the Cold War

The great irony of the so-called “end of the Cold War” is that it never ended at all. The Soviets didn’t go away, they simply moved over to the West. While we Westerners were fat, lazy and happy from years of riding the high of a victory in WWII, our institutions, media and government were slowly infiltrated by Marxist ideologues hell-bent on radically transforming Western nations into a new Communist bloc. America, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium and Italy were all defanged, drowned in consumerism, degeneracy and Marxist propaganda and were slowly transformed into Socialist police states.

In this regard, I think America shares the same fate as Europe, Western Europe anyways. I think the distinction between Western and Eastern Europe is an important one to make. While we in the West were all blissfully unaware, subversive elements were working overtime to undermine our culture, destroy the family, subvert our governments, demolish the foundational principles of our society and poison the minds of our people. We fell for it hook, line and sinker. In Eastern Europe, after generations under Soviet rule, the horrors of Communism are still fresh in their minds. If you look at countries like Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia, while certainly not perfect, their cultures are much more cohesive and guarded against Marxist infiltration. Nationalism, Traditionalism, anti-immigrant sentiment and racial pride seem to be much more common and socially acceptable. In the West, the mere mention of these subjects can get you fired from jobs, kicked out of school, attacked by AntiFa and arrested by the police.

We in the West are living in a Communist Stasi state. Our tax money (the majority of which is paid by White men) goes to benefitting foreigners, corrupt politicians, wasteful administrative spending and ineffective and bloated government agencies and programs. Our judicial system and police are used as a weapon against political dissidents and wrongthinkers. Our militaries act as the proxy army of Israel and other international interests while our borders are left helplessly unsecured. The major corporations have all adopted anti-White, anti-male and anti-Right Wing policies that act as barriers to entry, which has led to well-qualified, intelligent, hard-working Whites being denied employment. Sadly, many are forced to scrape by doing odd jobs and work that is below our level of professional expertise and education, not because we were bad employees, but because we had “bad thoughts”. This hurts everyone because it blacklists qualified candidates and those jobs end up being filled by either incompetent bureaucrat liberals or foreigners who are culturally incompatible and often times incapable of optimal levels of productivity. All of this is very reminiscent of the corruption and inefficient Soviet government and I believe that America is in the very same boat with Western Europe in this struggle, despite all of our hot air about “freedom” and “liberty”. After all, what better way of enslaving a nation than convincing them they are free? What better way of causing your enemy to lose than by convincing them they’ve already won?

I often hear a lot of tough talk in America about “Communists won’t stand a chance here, we got millions of patriots locked and loaded and ready to go!” Nevertheless, these subversive elements are already in control, yet where’s the outrage, where’s the torches and pitchforks? The Marxists were very careful about how they took over our nations, they knew the “boot to the face” methodology wouldn’t work, they had to adopt the slower, more gradual Fabian Socialist strategy because they knew if they pushed too far too quickly, they would be met with fierce resistance. The media is used to probe the subconscious minds of the public and see how much outrage is generated by a given story, if we get too upset to the point of real action; they know to soften their approach. At the same time, they know to keep us traumatized with stories of tragedy, corruption and hopelessness to weaken our spirits and demoralize us to the point of escapism, depression, neurosis and suicide.

We in the West have been so deeply traumatized, demoralized, propagandized, weakened and plagued with self-loathing it is no wonder so many have just checked out, turned off their minds and escaped into degeneracy, hedonism, drugs, consumerism and the distractionism of Western pop culture. In both America and Europe, both legal and illegal drug abuse and mental illness of all kinds has reached unprecedented epidemic proportions. This mental health crisis has many causal factors, poor parenting, media brainwashing, academic and social indoctrination, technology, poor diet, not to mention the angst of everyday life. All of this creates a noxious stew of pathology that is compounding in its pathogenic potency. This is how the West is enslaved. We spend our whole lives chasing our tails, barely able to cope with the stress of our malignant culture, too psychosomatically drained to ever develop the energetic reserves to do anything about the seemingly insurmountable degree of tyrannical control over almost every aspect of our existence.

I know that was dark, but before you tie that noose around your neck, I have some good news! The whole idea behind Pendulum is “every action has an equal or opposite reaction”. For many of us, seeing how diseased and weak our society has become was as a catalyst for us to take responsibility for our lives and strive to be our very best. The Globalists pushed too hard because I think the popularity of Trump, Wilders, Le Pen and others spooked them. I think the acceleration of their plans (which were designed to be gradual in nature) had the opposite effect on many and actually woke many people up to topics of immigration, race, Globalism, Marxism and the parasitical influence of the Jews. Many foolish mistakes were made in this panic and it caused a massive resurgence of Nationalistic fervor especially amongst the youth who felt disenfranchised, hopeless and angry that their futures had been sold out before they were even born. The EU, with its totalitarian controls over speech and media, sparked a Streisand Effect that made people inquisitive about these topics that had been made taboo. Not only that, but the introduction of Article 13 is overwhelmingly unpopular with the youth who grew up on memes, edgy jokes, social media and YouTube. The Internationalist establishment has backed themselves into a corner by doubling down on censorship and cranking up the intensity of their program, making them predictable but also extremely dangerous.

I believe we are witnessing a massive cultural shift. The European people are awakening from a coma caused by an Allied victory in WWII and a faux “made for TV” war on Communism during the Cold War. Because of the Internet, people all over the world are learning the truth about the web of lies we were taught since birth and I believe that by 2030 there will be a global rejection of the Internationalist agenda. This zeitgeist will almost certainly result in civil wars across Europe and America between the corrupt political establishment, hordes of violent migrants and the disenfranchised citizens who feel betrayed by a psychotic ruling class.

I don’t know who will win or what the end result of this global conflict will be, but I do know that if we want to survive, we must stick together. German, French, English, Russian, American, Pagan, Christian, we are all in the same boat. The modern world has left us atomized, lethargic and lacking in organizational and cooperative skills. We must develop the ability to put petty differences aside and work together for the survival of the White race. The situation we face is different from those in the past in that we are being flooded with an unprecedented number of foreigners who are being shielded by our own governments! The issue we face is not nation vs nation, but the merging of all nations under a unified Globalist ruling class. We must overcome the psychic damage that has been done to us with a love for our people and a commitment to conquer our demons and become the greatest people we can be.

The struggles to come will surely go down as the most significant event in the 21st Century. All is not lost, but it will be if we do not learn from the age-old maxim:

“We must hang together or we will hang separately.”