White Hot Anguish

Europe is a warning.

I speak with activists from Germany, from England, from Sweden, and elsewhere and here’s what they tell me. They tell me about cities where the people fear to go and where the police have retreated to the safety of their stations and patrol cars. I hear stories about young women being raped and any man who would dare to defend them being sent to jail for practicing hate.

I hear about bins for collecting butter knives as weapons, and arrests being made not for crimes with machetes, but because hurtful postings were made on social media because the Prophet was defamed. I wonder if those cases are tried in Sharia Court.

Elections happen, and elites ignore the results. Britain votes to leave the European Union, but their own government undoes the will of the people. France rises against insane climate change taxes, and Macron declares the future of Europe is in an African embrace, involuntary at every level.

I talk to people who are scared to put their voices out there lest the go to jail for their honesty, and for expressing love of their people and their homeland. They look longingly to the East where the Wall we once rushed to tear down is being rebuilt to repel an invasion.

These countries which once boasted the finest navies in all the world, and which still are plenty capable would need to impound just one boat, to sink one vessel, and it could all end, yet it still continues. The flow comes ever forward, and in the game of revolving chairs between Left and Right, the migrants flow into the holes made by the socialists here and there to enter Schengen and then distribute their terror.

I look at streets I hoped to one day visit and think that moment is far past. I had hoped to see Paris one day, to visit London, or marvel at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Now, should I ever visit Europe, I will be going only to Budapest, to Krakow, or on to Saint Petersburg. Because Europe without Europeans is only a graveyard, and I have more reverence for the dead than to trample through their ashes.

What makes a civilization commit suicide? Blame every actor you want, but what is it in our psyche that permits us to submit to this horror we place upon ourselves? Are we that comfortable? That decadent? This guilty? I don’t know, but we need to understand it, because America has ever been guilty of looking to Europe for our cultural trends, but this is one we must buck if we are to survive.

We must be allies to the nationalists, enemies to the European Union, and brothers to those who rise up where ever they do for self-determination and in support of each individual people. The infamous Brothers’ Wars of the past must now give way to the unity of the particularists. Here, we can do our part by fighting the cynical NGOs, those so-called idealists who seek to bring their message of toxic equality to every shore as they destroy all which was good and beautiful.

Europe will always be home in some very real way to most of us, but as so many people who have experienced White flight, as I have in my own life, we can never return home to those places we abandon because without our people, they are not ours anymore. And maybe that is the lesson of Europe.

We can no longer run from our problems, but instead make stands wherever we are, and claim our countries as our own. No more excuses can be delivered as we are running out of places to run to, and the world will not mourn our loss. In truth, they will mock our absence for being soft, scared, and stupid. And they would be right.

Europe is a glimpse into our own future. One we must work each day to prevent. And for the people there, I only can offer prayers and support, promising that if we succeed in America, we will remember their legacy as is in our blood and in the traditions, they birthed in us as their shared gift to all our people here on this contested frontier.

We have much to do. Let us not fail.