Capitalism Over Nationalism – Trump’s Sellout

The people who voted for President Trump did so because he espoused bold, Nationalistic rhetoric. Many people still don’t realize this, including many who support President Trump, but his election was essentially a referendum on whether we wanted to keep the country majority White or not. In electing President Trump, those of us in favor of keeping the country majority White won the battle, but the war rages on.

Unfortunately, President Trump’s loyalty to Nationalism and his supporters was immediately called into question when he started filling his cabinet with Globalists. Many of us were cautiously optimistic that there was some method to this madness, but it’s become increasingly difficult to imagine what that method might be.

As soon as President Trump took office, he was seemingly doing everything in his power to fulfill his campaign promises, although most of his actions were largely symbolic and many of them could be easily undone by his successor.

With President Trump quickly becoming mired in the ridiculous “Russia Investigation” (which was clearly a witch hunt from the very beginning) and the lack of support from his own party, it has been nearly impossible for him to get any kind of Nationalist agenda pushed through.

Although President Trump had brought a handful of supposed Nationalists such as Steve Bannon into his cabinet, it wasn’t long before the Globalist faction of the White House had pushed the Nationalists out, seemingly with President Trump’s approval. This is around the time that the Trump Train started going off the rails.

In his first two years in office, President Trump has focused his very limited political capital on tax cuts for the Globalist elite, a twice failed Obamacare repeal (not a priority for his supporters), the signing of the omnibus bill without spending for the wall, further militarizing the police (after Charlottesville), the signing of the unanimous resolution condemning the Unite the Right rally attendees, banning bump stocks, supporting the unconstitutional Anti-BDS legislation on college campuses and flirting with the notion of amnesty for DACA recipients among many other terrible actions completely antithetical to his campaign promises.

While President Trump was busy BSing and backpedaling, the invasion of our country by both illegal and legal immigrants has continued virtually unabated. As columns of mostly military age men cross our Southern Border waving the flags of the sh*tholes they came from, President Trump toilet Tweets at them to please go home and apply for citizenship so they can invade our country the “legal” way. Approximately three quarters of a million overwhelmingly non-white people became American citizens in 2017. And as much as President Trump brags about his economy, many of the newly created jobs are not going to his base, but to immigrants (legal and illegal) and non-Whites.

These people are here to rape our women and children, abuse our elderly, take our resources, parasite off of our productivity and wipe any semblance of our civilization from the face of the earth. We are quite literally being colonized and conquered and President Trump is doing very little to stop it.

President Trump is not a Nationalist. You cannot be a Nationalist and a Capitalist at the same time as Capitalism inherently overvalues the arbiters of capital, and in the global era, the arbiters of capital are inherently Globalists. President Trump is a Global Capitalist.

While President Trump’s Department of Justice was arresting actual Nationalists (the Rise Against Movement members) for “Conspiracy to Riot” because they attended rallies (including Charlottesville) prepared to defend themselves from domestic terrorists, Antifa was actually rioting and attacking random citizens in the streets. The police have been ordered to stand down in many of these instances and President Trump, the supposed “law and order” president, said and did nothing. Perhaps, he didn’t notice because he was too busy spending his very limited political capital bullying his DOJ into “Prison Reform” at the behest of his good buddy, Kanye West. By the way, Kanye openly admitted in a concert that he didn’t even bother to vote in the 2016 election.

Further, rich people (especially billionaires) are Globalists by their nature because they can move to a gated community anywhere in the world at any time. They are not rooted in the land as we are. They will never suffer the consequences so they have no sense of urgency or existential threat. No matter what happens, their families will be fine. They will never want for security, food, shelter or opportunity. While President Trump is good at pretending to be, he is not one of us. He never was and he never will be.

People have this foolish notion that President Trump is some sort of White, alpha male Superman, but in reality, he is a doughy, gaudy, narcissistic opportunist. Good, honest people do not become billionaires in our current economic system. Sociopaths and opportunists become billionaires by stomping on the throats of good people and taking money they did not earn.

And like the cowardly king of a conquered kingdom, he married his beautiful daughter off to the invading tribe in an attempt to maintain his wealth and save his own skin. Now, he has mischling grandchildren and is deeply invested in them as he brags on them often. His once proud, German bloodline has been compromised and he has dual loyalties to DNA.

The thing is, it is impossible to have dual loyalties. It is a contradiction in terms. Your loyalty to one tribe will always take precedence over the other. With his support of the unconstitutional Anti-BDS law, his moving of the American embassy to Jerusalem and his relentless licking of the boots of his Bolshevik masters, his true political nature as a 90s, New York Democrat has revealed itself. He is much more likely to don the kippah than the cross.

Perhaps, when he started out on this journey he had the intention of brokering peace between his two warring tribes, but Trump was always a braggart businessman, out of his league, trying to negotiate an impossible deal. This is a zero-sum game, and there is no deal to be made. He brought a spreadsheet focused on Black and Hispanic unemployment to a race war and an existential clash of civilizations.

He DOES NOT and NEVER DID possess the characteristics required to do what needs to be done to save our people, our country and our civilization. Given the lateness of the hour and the severity of our struggle, we need leadership that is capable of ruthlessly pursuing the interests of our people.

There is a learned ruthlessness that a rich man could never understand. This ruthlessness can only be learned by being ground against the enemy’s stone. In this state of perpetual pain, a man is sharpened to a fine point. In this pointedness, he realizes that the enemy will drink every last drop of he and his kin’s blood if he allows it. He realizes that the enemy has no concept of reason, reciprocity, fairness, honor, mercy, compassion, empathy or sympathy. They enable and commit the most heinous defilement of even the most pure, innocent and vulnerable of our people and they cackle like hyenas all the while. In this realization of our enemy’s ruthlessness, a cold necessity washes over him: There is an “Us” and a “Them” and “They” must be destroyed by whatever means necessary. The Creator has given us a simple, binary choice: Predator or Prey …and A Predator Lies In Waiting.