It’s Now or Never

The Donald Trump presidency has so far been a roller coaster ride of emotions and pandemonium. I think we all knew it would be, I had just hoped that more would get done. I think the failures of the Trump Administration are failures of democracy more than anything. In America we have a system of checks and balances. This was designed to limit the respective power of each branch, which sounds great on paper, but what happens when the whole system becomes corrupted? We had these same check and balances when Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama were president, why weren’t their unconstitutional, unethical and illegal actions restrained?

The fact of the matter is whoever controls the system controls the checks and balances.

Under previous presidents there was still bickering, there was still partisanship; our government has long been filled with internecine conflicts. Such is the nature of politics. Many of these people were archenemies but because they all had similar long-term goals, they knew to put their differences aside in order to compromise on a solution that keeps the broader Globalist agenda moving forward.

With Trump came a radical departure from the Globalist playbook, at least in rhetoric. The radical statement “America First” was a shocking and unwelcome statement in the DC Beltway that sparked fear among the establishment gangsters who for so long had enjoyed an unchallenged hegemony.

When Trump actually got into power, I think he learned a difficult lesson about just how corrupted our system is. Everyone is against him be they Republican or Democrat. The entire media, banking system, corporate world and judicial system dedicated their entire existence to stopping Trump and everything he stands for at all costs. His experience as a businessman is both a breath of fresh air as well as a hindrance in a political cesspool where corruption, cronyism and compromise are the norm.

As I write this, we are approaching week four of the government shutdown. This infantile obstructionism is irrefutable evidence of how our checks and balances are used to stonewall any efforts made to break from the suicidal status quo. All he wants is a wall, something that many of Trump’s obstructionist opponents were once in favor of! However, because it is Trump, because of the change that he stands for and because of the power behind the curtain that controls the system as a whole, they refuse to budge on the issue.

I think this speaks volumes to the political polarization in this nation right now. We are in a situation where half of our nation wants one thing; the other half wants something entirely antithetical. These differences are too fundamental and diametrically opposed to be overcome in a democratic system. Trump needs to stop playing patty-cake with these lunatics and exercise the power invested in the executive branch to crush the opposition. People need to go to jail, heads need to roll, millions of people who never belonged here in the first place need to be detained, deported and/or incarcerated.

The political polarization is the product of mass immigration, a lack of border security and most importantly, an egalitarian democratic system that gives political power to people who are not deserving of it nor capable of wielding it. Millions of braindead zombies, raised on cable TV, poor parenting, video games and public school have created a breeding ground of degeneracy, ignorance and self-perpetuating mental illness. These unfortunate victims of Globalism have been given the right to vote for things they do not understand. This democratic tradition of our republic has been hijacked by people who do not have our best interests at heart. They seek to exploit our voting system to empower incompatible people to hold positions of power, not just in the White House or Congress, but in every level of every government agency in America!

It is becoming clear that our democratic system is being weaponized against us. We need to understand how our virtues are used against us as much as our vices. Our government is filled with people at all levels who have a very different vision of America than we do, a vision that is incompatible with the principles that made America great. A vision that seeks to abolish us and our way of life. A divided America is headed in two completely opposite directions. If America is to be saved, if civil war is to be avoided, Trump needs to stop playing the establishment’s game and make a power move like Augusto Pinochet made in Chile. This will energize his base like never before. We want to help Trump take America back, we want to see him succeed!

I can only imagine the stress and complexity of the difficult situation he is in, I certainly do not envy him. However, the clock is ticking and if something drastic isn’t done soon, his base will abandon him.

Trump won’t get reelected in 2020 with a campaign slogan of “Make Compromises For Democrats Again”.