Nationalism or a Slow Death

What comes after Trump? This is a question that many in the US are asking themselves. At least many on the Right. If you believe that the Left are asking themselves this question, then allow me to disabuse you of that mistaken belief. The Left know precisely what they are going to do after Trump. If you believe that what we have heretofore seen has been radical, then you are utterly unprepared for what the Left have planned.

On the Right side of the political divide, we have no real leadership and no real direction. Many are still trying to defend the disastrous ideology that facilitated our current crises (i.e., Libertarianism). We have between two and six years to fix our internal problems and address our internecine conflicts or we will be annihilated by the Left. The Left understand that we are engaged in a war of annihilation, and they are willing to do anything to win.

We have two (and only two) potential paths forward on the Right:

  1. We can take over the Republican Party and turn it into a Nationalist party.
  2. We can form a Nationalist Party, caucus with the Republican Party, and eventually supplant the Republican Party.

There are no other options; working toward any other strategies is wasted effort. The current leadership of the Republican Party will never make the transition to true Nationalism; fortunately, many of them are elderly. However, that the current leadership will never see the light does not mean that the party itself is beyond redemption. Many on the political Right lean toward Nationalism; they have only to be led to the proper conclusions.

Regardless of which strategy we ultimately pursue, we should be presently and actively pursuing a State-based ground game. If we do not have a ‘base of operations’ before the end of Trump’s first term, our odds of eventual success fall off precipitously. If we do not have a base of operation before the end of Trump’s second term, we may as well admit defeat.

Now, what is meant by a “base of operations”? Simply: A State in which we control the government top to bottom, which is to say from the city and county level up through the legislature and executive. I do not care if the office is dog catcher or governor, one of our guys should hold it.

In the recent past, we have made a number of tactical errors, and none of these have been more disastrous than holding events in hostile territory. Does anyone really think the judicial system and the governmental apparatus of a State like, say, New York, New Jersey, or Massachusetts are going to be friendly to our side? Of course not. They’re going to be openly and inveterately hostile. If we are going to hold events, they should be on friendly soil.

Part of the purpose behind capturing a territory (starting with at least one State) is to make possible the long process of building alternative infrastructure. The number of projects that could be undertaken if we owned a meaningful piece of real estate would run for many pages. Suffice to say that the Left will continue to hold virtually all of the cards if we do not quickly seize for ourselves governmental power at the State level.

Now, we have (very) briefly examined the strategy the Right must pursue if we are to have any chance of ultimate success. Returning to the issue of the radicalization of the Left, I believe it useful to highlight a few of the inevitable outcomes against which we are fighting. These are in no particular order and the list is by no means exhaustive, but I believe we should be clear about what we face:

  • To most of you, mass immigration and an unprotected border seem radical, but just wait until the Left are back in power and force you to house an illegal alien in your guest bedroom, or your office.
  • To most of you, transsexuals and drag queens going to middle schools and libraries for “story hour” seems radical, but just wait until the Left are back in power and begin handing out hormone pills to middle school children (and, of course, sending you to prison if you object).
  • To most of you, social media censorship and campus speech codes seem radical, but just wait until the Left are back in power and begin fining and jailing people for speaking the truth (as is presently done in, e.g., the UK, Germany, and Canada).
  • To most of you, people making up their own ‘pronouns’ and demanding others use them seems radical, but just wait until the Left are back in power and force you to use those ‘pronouns’ under penalty of imprisonment.
  • To most of you, the so-called “sexual revolution” has gone a bit far and seems rather radical, but just wait until the Left are back in power and begin in earnest to push the normalization of pedophilia.
  • To most of you, importing millions of Muslims less than two decades after 9/11 seems radical, but just wait until the Left are back in power and five to ten percent of the population is Muslim (like in some European countries).

These are just a handful of the horrors that lie in store for you and, particularly, for your children and your grandchildren. We have come, now, to a point where it is virtually impossible to caricature the Let because they have become radical beyond caricaturization. We now have openly Socialist and openly Muslim members of Congress. Things do not get better from here without significant action.

There are times in history when the fate of a civilization or even of the entire species boils down to a relatively small handful of men. We are now living in one of those times. What we do over the course of the next decade or so will determine the odds of our surviving the century. It is irrelevant that we did not ask to be born in these times or seek to take on these responsibilities; it matters only that we are here and we are here now.

When we ask ourselves “What comes after Trump?”, we are not actually asking a question about Trump. We are asking ourselves a question about the future of our country; we are asking ourselves a question about the future of our civilization; and we are asking ourselves a question about the future of our people. Let us hope that we find the courage and the tenacity to do what must be done.

God with us.