Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The most useful attribute of Donald Trump may not be anything he actually does legislatively or through executive order but might in fact be how he serves as a mirror and a spotlight to draw out the true intentions of those around him.

Number me amongst those who expect and demand more from a President we elected in a revolutionary moment to change how business operated in America. There has been no wall built, no one who wasn’t a Trump campaign official is getting locked up, and despite this momentary shutdown which I am sure will pass, the Swamp is as murky as ever. In the sense of accomplishing his stated objectives, Trump is clearly floundering with failure appearing the most likely of outcomes at this moment. Time will tell if that projection holds true, but more important than this dismal analysis is to consider why he has failed.

We learned the Republican Party will always answer to its donor class above its voters, and even if elected on a mandate with the number one issue being to construct a southern border wall to control the flows of immigration, drugs, and crime moving up from Latin America as well as those using that opening from elsewhere in the world, they simply will not do it. Two years in the majority and there was never any action, save for conversations about an utterly foolish proposal to trade yet another round of amnesty for the appearance of security.

The recent episode with Steve King, Iowa Congressman, is instructive. One of the few people who are willing to speak positively for Whites and state the obvious that the open border on the South is both a symbol and realization of the Left’s goal to transform our country through deliberate demographic restructuring by legalizing foreigners to replace citizens who do not so readily vote for them, he was lambasted for his party. The GOP would rather ignore the 93% of their voters who are White, refusing to even consider they have interests or would like to not be demoralized by being the race that cannot be named, and suck up to the media and the donors who relentlessly push how we must embrace minority rule as the future.

From the policy perspective or from the cultural one, the Republican Party has compromised away the moral position on every issue their voters cared about since at least the Sixties, and they wonder why they cannot compete. Half of a bad idea is still really bad, yet they’ve cowardly enabled the Long March of the Left through our society to a point where as much as half our country literally believes their insane social programming. Don’t look for them to gain courage now, as we’ve seen they are already looking to abandon Trump, having secured their main goal of tax cuts for their donors, ignoring the security and real needs of our people.

We learned our government answers to no one. Recent revelations about the conduct of the FBI which institutionally made it a goal to intervene in elections and to thwart Trump’s efforts at reform and transparency. They work against the interests of the elected government, and through such treason, have shown themselves to believe they are above the people and our will. They create unending investigations, like the Mueller probe, whose sole purpose is to destroy confidence and disable the ability of a legitimate government to function.

We were promised that a Republican Administration might finally look into the many questionable actions that had happened under Obama and Clinton. But what we have found is they will not even look into these areas, as the investigative function of the State is solely to be applied to those on the Right, suggesting a complicity that should be even more disturbing than the things we already suspect or have had confirmed. Beyond dossiers and allegations, what else has the permanent bureaucracy been doing? Trump might not control them, but he has revealed just out of control they have become.

Most crucially, the ugly underbelly of the American left is now coming into focus. They want impeachment without cause because their undying faith in equality through force is quickly becoming the uncontested dogma of the land. They do not hesitate to punish their enemies, these being the good people of America who think they know better than the government does how to live their lives. They will bring justice, diversity quotas, new programs, and mental health to all those who resist, insisting you pay for it, taking away your ability to live if you resist, and ultimately incarcerating people for wrong-think.

If this sounds draconian to you, you need only look at how they’ve learned since 2016 and use their force to push corporations into doing their bidding. Every major website leans Left and punishes people who make dissenting opinions with bans, demonetization, and deplatforming. Many have been shut out of the financial system altogether, but that’s their plan – censorship unto death with a technological totalitarianism that was only the wet dream of dictators of yore.

Moreover, each year brings more of them and less of us, as their global ideology encourages them to leave the back door open so they can gain more allies and forces to use. They import the people with the least to offer, knowing each hungry mouth is a reliable vote, and we stand poised to lose more of America just as the Desert Southwest is now experiencing. The numbers move as rapidly and readily as an odometer, but they celebrate this as moral and ignore the needs of all citizens, including those foolish enough to vote for Democrats, to undertake this action.

With a complicit and deceitful media to cover their steps, and global corporate money being used to unmake both America and the entire West, Trump never had a chance playing by their rules. Maybe his Presidency hasn’t done what we needed, or maybe it has: We know who we are fighting now: Pretty much everyone. Our political class is corrupt, our business class is bought, and our citizens are forgotten. We tried doing this the nice way, but the system is broken and compromised.

Where do we go from here? It is a difficult question, but having tried things Trump’s way, now we must get more serious than ever.