A Healthy Sense of Hate

To really understand how absurd the concept of “Hate Speech” is, we have to examine the concept of “Hate” itself. The term gets thrown around a lot these days, and is often used to shut down free expression and legitimate criticisms. In this highly subjective chaos, the true definition has been lost.

Per Merriam Webster’s top definition, hate is “intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.” This seems like a fair and accurate definition. The key phrase here is “deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.”

Let’s put this in the context of our current situation. People in the dissident right are constantly accused of being “hateful” and “bigoted” for our intense aversion to Whites becoming a minority in the US, the country founded by our ancestors for their progeny. We are rightfully fearful of losing our majority status because most people understand, even if only intuitively, that the majority rules. If we lose our majority, out-groups will impose their will upon us. We don’t have to merely intuit this, as we have real world examples of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa to prove the point.

As a matter of fact, this is already happening to a large extent. Jewish and African values, culture and social norms have been pushed onto us for decades through mass media, academia and government coercion, and now we’ve added Hispanic, Muslim and even northeast Asian to the mix.

As these out-groups are forced upon us, we are expected to perpetually quell our completely healthy and natural aversion to the overwhelmingly negative effects their presence has on our people and our nation. It most certainly creates a fear in our people which is completely legitimate and justified. It also creates a righteous anger as we are expected to accommodate these parasitic and openly hostile groups.

Asking people to not hate the groups who are displacing and therefore destroying them is like asking them not to thirst for water. It is a physical impossibility in this existence.

We’ve been intentionally conditioned via propaganda campaigns to believe that hate is an immoral feeling or thought that must be suppressed at all costs. Like so many things we’ve been told by our current establishment, it is a lie. Not only is it a lie, but it is unhealthy and even suicidal.

Hate is not inherently bad or immoral. Hate, is in fact, a completely healthy and natural reaction. It is a defense mechanism. We hate those who seek to destroy us. We hate those who defile what we love and hold dear. There is such a thing as righteous hate and it’s making a comeback.

So, laws that criminalize “hate” are essentially laws attempting to criminalize emotions and natural instincts that are often, especially in our case, justified and completely understandable.

As if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, “hate” is a highly subjective notion. What is viewed as hate by one person may be viewed as completely acceptable or inane by another. It’s become clear that the current definition of hate in the mainstream American consciousness is anything and everything that White people do or say, no matter how measured and diplomatic. Yet, non-whites spew the most hyperbolic and vile venom, and are often rewarded and supported for their “brave” willingness to “resist.”

Ultimately, you cannot have a legitimate legal system based on emotion and perceived injury, as there is no meaningful or quantifiable way to meet the burden of proof.

Of course, at this point, I think most White folks understand that “Hate Speech” laws and hate crimes more generally, were never intended to be applied fairly or objectively. The point was always for them to be used as a crude object with which to systematically bash Whites.

This was never more apparent than in the James Fields trial. James Fields did what any person with a sense of self-preservation would do when he was surrounded by a violent mob of Communist terrorists, and yet, he is facing a ludicrous sentence, many times harsher than that of rapists, child molesters and even some murderers.

To anybody paying even a modicum of attention, it’s clear that the harshness of this sentence was based on his political disposition and his perceived “hate.” And they are not done making an example of him for all Whites to see, as he is still set to stand trial for federal hate crimes.

Any and all attempts to quell or criminalize “hate” are really just attempts to keep Whites from exercising our God-given right to freely speak and associate. This is why any and all crimes based on the notion of “hate” must be permanently wiped from the books.