Hiding in Plain Sight: How Oligarchy Uses Hate Speech to Conceal

“Hate speech” is a concept that works on the same twisted logic as Antifa’s justification for violence. That is, “hate speech” is constituted of words or concepts which, they claim, will result in violence against the innocent. Therefore, any actions taken against a person engaged in hate speech are justified because they are undertaken in defense of the innocent.

Another element of this concept is lifeboat ethics. In a lifeboat situation, we look the other way, even for such crimes as cannibalism, understanding that in the fight to sustain life, practically anything is justified.

This all comes down to past historical events such as slavery, lynchings and the Holocaust. They argue that unrestrained hate speech will result in the enslavement, murder and genocide of millions. Because this eventuality is so horrible, any action is justified to stop it. Sometimes this logic is stated clearly in this form: “It starts with hate speech, and ends with gas chambers.”

Of course, the entire concept is a disingenuous deception which cynically uses the most kind aspects of our nature against us in order to advance worldviews – globalism and Marxism – which have enslaved and murdered (conservatively) over 100 million people. In practical application, “hate speech” is anything that would oppose the globalist and Marxist agendas. Ultimately, it is a “sleight of hand” technique used to justify using the awesome power of the state to silence dissent.

The deception starts with the way the historical events used to justify this attitude are portrayed, even if the orthodox narratives are assumed to be true. Their portrayal depends upon the relative ignorance of an electorate, many of whose members can’t even name the three branches of government or find their country on a map.

The Holocaust is portrayed as being the result of hate speech inspiring an entire nation to undertake a hate-fueled Jew killing spree. But the official records of orthodox Holocaust historians show that the Holocaust was kept secret, and that 99.9% of Germans were unaware it was even going on. Rather than being the result of a population caught up in paroxysms of hate, it was a secret government program kept from the eyes of the people. A secret government program. Which means it had nothing to do with the German people, just as the secret programs of OUR government are often secret specifically because, if we knew, we’d object.

Look up the infamous Tuskegee Experiment in which black men were deliberately infected with syphilis with the disease being allowed to run its course, rather than cured. Was this done by hooded Klansmen? Was this done by a popular referendum? No. It was a secret government program done by the same government that publicly encouraged integration.

When it comes to slavery, there is a dynamic between the mercantile and governing classes such that governments will undertake actions harmful to the populations they govern in order to serve wealthy interests to whom they either owe money, or by whom they have been paid. This includes actions up to and including wars. But most certainly, it includes the institution of slavery – which served to depress the wages of ordinary White people while enriching a tiny land-owning class. The same goes for massive illegal immigration today. It is no mistake that Trump’s efforts to stop the flow of cheap labor are opposed by the Chamber of Commerce: “Give us cheap labor for our profits today, and we don’t give a damn what it costs future generations. Fuck you, I’ve got mine.”

Today, Apple is the largest corporate holder of U.S. debt. It’s iPhone sales have stagnated. Amazingly, the U.S. government is now going after Huawei, one of Apple’s largest competitors. If you think that’s a coincidence, I have a bridge to sell you. While you are looking things up, see how The United Fruit Company influenced our involvement in Central America, at the cost of untold innocent lives. Institutions such as slavery and immigration are not the result of “hate speech” – they are the result of a corrupt alliance between those who want cheap labor, and those who seek power.

And lynching is both mis-characterized and exaggerated. Although there’s no doubt there were some miscarriages of justice, lynching was used to exact justice in cases where there was no effective law enforcement, or there was credible fear that corruption would frustrate justice. Most people lynched in this country were White. And most people of any race lynched in this country were likely guilty. And the total number of Black people lynched in our entire history is fewer than the number of Blacks who kill each other during a hot summer week in Chicago. And don’t forget that even our modern justice system punishes innocent people, up to and including the imposition of death.

So the logic of “hate speech” and the justification for its prohibition is based upon a deliberately incorrect version of history, and a deliberately false attribution of cause and effect. Like so many other concepts used to disarm our ability to resist their agenda, it is a WEAPON.

There have been “hate speech” cases in Europe – where hate speech is already a crime – and the judges have outright stated that the fact something is true doesn’t mean it isn’t hate.

Are you understanding, now? To suppress inconvenient truths, simply label them as “hate speech” and then prosecute those who speak them.

Look back 50 years and see if that phrase even existed. It didn’t. The existence and spread of this concept, just like concepts such as “white privilege” were created in taxpayer subsidized Marxist think tanks in academia and spread by indoctrinated Education, Human Resource and Social Science majors, who then carried them into classrooms, corporations and policy discussions.

Are there hateful people? Certainly. Are there people who misuse truth to justify harming the innocent? Of course. But is there any such thing as “hate speech?” Absolutely not. There are only truths that powerful interests do not want you to utter.