Heritage Isn’t Hate

We are living in an era of unprecedented tyranny in America. The tyranny we are under is not necessarily one of para-military police guarding every street corner, but an invisible tyranny of censorship and political correctness. The charge of racism is the scarlet letter by which wrong-thinkers are blacklisted from employment, targeted for harassment, silenced on social media and financially ruined with lawfare. “Hate speech” is used as a political weapon against Whites, and only Whites, to deprive the descendants of those who founded this nation and its laws from their birthright and make them into cash cows to be milked dry by hostile foreign invaders who never belonged here in the first place.

For so many years, Whites have been convinced that the worst thing you could possibly be is a racist or a Nazi. Generations of propaganda, academic indoctrination and guilt-laden media have replaced the traditional European code of honor with a new code of ethics, a code of anti-racism based on the lie of egalitarianism. Because this false code of ethics has so radically transformed people’s perception of right and wrong, it has changed the way juries vote and how legal penalties are handed down. It has also skewed companies’ enforcement of terms and conditions which had led to the deplatforming, banning, and firing of many thousands of Whites. Twitter for instance has no problem with the tens of thousands of death threats aimed at White people and the President, but pro-White accounts and even mildly Conservative accounts will be banned and shadow banned without warning.

The ADL and SPLC are at the heart of this push to criminalize Whiteness. They are very clever in the way that they weaponize social justice. Under the guise of “fighting hate”, “stopping racism” and “promoting equality for all”, they have acted in a racist and bigoted way toward Whites and fanned the flames of racial division. These organizations and others like them work closely with law enforcement, social media companies, legal firms and private businesses to crusade against what they perceive to be a “growing threat of White-supremacy”. They influence policy, share information, infiltrate and disrupt pro-White organizations as well as a plethora of other vicious and underhanded tricks that prevent anyone of European descent from saying something as benign as “It’s OK to be White”. The irony in all this is, had it not been for their decades of meddling and race baiting we wouldn’t have nearly the racial divide that we have today.

Those of us who are familiar with the ADL and SPLC know quite well that this is not simply a case of good intentions gone awry. These organizations know full well that their goal is not to promote “justice for all”, they are vengeful, malicious and bigoted in the intentions. Take a look at their “Hate Symbols Database” which hosts page after page of European symbols, which range from symbols as notorious as the Swastika to those as benign as the Germanic Runes and the Mjolnir or “Thor’s Hammer”, even Pepe the Frog is listed as a White supremacist symbol! Many of these symbols are sacred to me and many other Pagans. Imagine if I made a website with a “Hate Symbols Database” that included the Hebrew alphabet and the Star of David. The outrage that would ensue would be apocalyptic in scale and unforgiving in its ferocity. Nevertheless, because they are the symbols of the European people, they are totally free to defame my people and my Holy Symbols! Many of my good friends, including Pendulum Editor Tom Kawczynski have had their positive and peaceful groups, churches and websites slandered and deemed “Hate Groups” according to the SPLC’s notorious “Hate Map”.

The sad reality is that organizations like the ADL and SPLC do not exist to promote “equality” and “justice”. They are very powerful and dangerous entities whose job it is to demonize Whiteness and defame honest men and women. They influence others in both the public and private sectors to discriminate against Whites and portray anyone who isn’t afraid to be proud of their race as “terrorists” and “criminals” when the vast overwhelming majority of us are just ordinary people trying to live our lives and protect our families from what is becoming an increasingly dangerous and unstable world. For these groups to masquerade around as champions of righteousness, fairness and crusaders against bigotry is both laughable and despicable. Their actions have created infinitely more racism than they could have ever hoped to stop.

It is important that we stop letting anti-Whites control the narrative. We aren’t the racists, they are! We aren’t hateful, they are! They have gone to incredible lengths to demonize us and silence our voices but they have made a critical mistake; along their warpath to destroy us, they have exposed themselves as biased, hateful and hostile, which has completely destroyed their façade of impartiality and their credibility as a defenders against hate.