When Facts Become Hateful

Instead of talking about hate speech, I am going to open this column by talking about free speech and why it is so important.

Western Civilization in these last few centuries has been built upon the idea that by challenging beliefs we previously held in light of new evidence that we could increase our knowledge and our quality of life. While one could certainly argue there have been times the cost of progress has outweighed the social benefits in some facets, it is inarguable that we live in a more materially successful and comfortable culture than at any point in human history.

Such advancement was built upon the framework of constantly challenging assumptions and the method by which we accomplished this was to allow new ideas to be tested against the old wisdom and determine which method better fit the facts of the situation. Through such logic, science progressed by leaps and bounds, through the willingness to always contest itself, and through building its foundation on facts which were supported by evidence designed to be testable and replicable by others.

I pause here because this is where the key breakdown occurs. Whereas we once accepted that society would follow facts, seeking truth as its highest achievement, we now have forbidden certain facts and lines of research because we find what nature holds to be true to be too offensive to accept. We sacrificed truth at the altar of social expediency and created a priesthood of secular egalitarianism which attacks heretics with the same speed and ferocity as the Inquisition of medieval lore, with the same range of punishments meted out.

Facts are facts. Truth is never inherently hateful or prejudiced, but rather just a reflection of reality. Men are generally more able than mice, yet no one would suggest that the differences between the two are false, artificial, or a social construction. We understand biology leads to a virtually infinite degree of individualization, and yet, we also see that common traits and features lead to common behaviors and tendencies. We see people are different in a million various ways, which is useful and helpful, but the moment one seeks to categorize those differences and make sense of them, the way in which Western Civilization understands itself, this is when the censors jump in to protect their now sacred prerogative.

Free speech has been sacrificed, and rebranded deceptively as hate because the decision was made to abandon logic, abandon truth, and instead assert and defend the notion the absolute truth of equality is unquestionable, and any logic which rejects that outcome must be flawed in and of itself, with the adherents of such requiring censure or correction. If they persist in their heresy, they are branded hate mongers and cast out not even for speaking absolutes, but for daring to ask questions which have been forbidden.

Now, we are building our society upon lies. We do not need to know the absolute truth to know for certain when we forbid ideas to be considered in light of assertions made in contrary to evidence and critical examination, that we are using substandard understanding to move into the future. And just as with any other edifice, build upon a foundation of quicksand and watch how quickly even the best plans fail, because they pretend bricks made of clouds are instead made of clay. After all, if everything is equal to everything else, it’s an act of heresy and hatred to assert A does not equal B, which is the heart of this rebellion.

Those of us who seek truth must freely admit we cannot find it. But we can bask in its rays and be honest about our approach. We can choose not to cynically reject evidence and simply assert our own infallibility as those who seek to censor us all from speech, and from facts, have done. We can ask questions, disagree on what things means, and all benefit from the experience, as Western Civilization has uniquely done since the Enlightenment.

To do so requires courage. It requires the willingness to offend people, and to upset ourselves from time to time as we are forced to rethink what we believe in light of new evidence. I say many things that I know can be hurtful to others, but not from any hatred, but rather because I know a foundation built upon lies, between any two individuals, two groups, or two nations, cannot long endure, and such misunderstanding is always the deeper cause of real hatred, the resentment that simmers into eventual conflict and violence.

Ironically, what we call hate speech today, what has been branded for castigation, often represents the most loving efforts of a brave remaining few who dare to speak truth in an age of cowardice and conformity. So, I don’t care if you call what we say hate or if we hurt your feelings. Sorry, but we care more about the truth than all that, and if you do too, then we can work together.

But if all you have are corrupt guilds that threaten force or humiliation to exert control, then continue to nurse your feelings but know you can never succeed. For your own falsity guarantees your own failure, as nature itself is fair in that whatever we may feel, think, or wish, reality always comes back in the end.

Speak freely and seek it out. It is the most noble labor of love, no matter what others may say.