Our Race We Must Win

Let’s talk about “humanity” for a moment. We often hear, without sufficient detail, about how we must act to preserve our humanity when compelled to intervene in potentially dangerous or hostile actions. Although it is rarely developed, so often people seem to accept this justification which suggests there is something universal in that we work for our self-interest, for our continued survival, and for our prosperity. It is both more visceral and more primal than ideas or ideology, and perhaps for those very reasons, more real.

We are often told in the larger context there is only one human race. This is undeniably true for what White people are taught to believe and forced to recite, although the examples of how other groups are held to very different standards are so profligate that there is no need here to enumerate the hypocrisies. But within that human race, the universalism which should exist for self-worth and fulfillment is not shared equally, and I came to realize some time back that our race, as Whites, were being set up as something else.

We are the gringos, the gaijin, the white devils, the people who are not quite people whom everyone else is not just permitted, but encouraged to hate and resent. We, who following the best traditions of hospitality and decency, permit these others to share our homelands with us, get painted as oppressors and villains. Our cultural contributions such as electricity, radio, plumbing, combustion, medicine, and the nearly unending list erased, we have been taught we stole these things from the righteous other. We have shown humility and meekness, long after our traditional faiths seem to have been eclipsed, even as our guests have shown envy and indignation. No succor offered them is sufficient, and the reality they live better in our lands than in their own is never mentioned or considered.

This is what means to be White. It means to be hated for one’s birth, one’s virtue, and one’s achievements. We speak often of cultural Marxism here, and such explanation is useful because this system takes what is healthy and effective, and inverts it into sickness and feebleness. That is the state of our people because we look into the funhouse mirror of our broken culture and divided society, and see someone we hate instead of the people who built the framework of global civilization, a fount of generosity, and brilliant innovators. Certainly not without flaws, but by no means beyond love and deserving of a place to call home without persecution and where our values, ideals, and yes, our people determine our own path.

Like many of you, I came up through the different movements of the right. I flirted with libertarianism, with conservatism, and points rightward. I learned much, but what mattered most was learning there is no perfect solution or perfect ideal man can achieve, but instead, what makes us great is embracing our people and acting based out of love, tempered by reason, mindful of nature, and free from false guilt. We must love our own to fix what is wrong. Only then can we think clearly, make judgments, and win the war against truth that is being waged against our souls and our consciences.

We are not lesser sons and daughters of greater fathers by anything other than our own choice. We are brilliant, creative, funny, and kind. We deserve love and respect, and we should reject the hatred placed upon us, and stop seeing ourselves through the eyes of those who have been tricked into being our enemies. Whites are not the enemy of any race, but rather the target of those who seek to control all races in poverty and squalor because our very empathy is a threat to the national, and frankly world order, being constructed of control and compulsion by people who think you should serve them.

I disagree with their pomposity, and that’s why I and the other writers here at Pendulum take the opprobrium we do, to make clear we believe we must serve each other. That is the culture which was stolen from us, and which we must rekindle like a great fire to light first the hearts of our people who have been frozen into indecision. Let your self-doubt melt away and remember what you already know – that greatness is a choice and it only comes when we can speak for ourselves without shame. Our history is the most heroic tale of the world, and the beasts we slay now will echo for eternity.

We do this for humanity. The world without us will be a sad and callow place whose facile obsession with equality and redistribution will see the light of human ingenuity irreversibly dimmed. Reject the lie that we are those who push hate, and instead look to those who have lied to us all, and project your anger where it belongs. And temper that with love for not just your people, but the many victims of this insanity. Once you do that, we can all look to who has been guilty, and begin the long path toward justice which will then inevitably follow.

But it begins with love for yourself and for those who are like you. Because since everyone else has been trained to hate us, even ourselves, and see no reason to stop, given the benefits being given for such resentment and appropriation, we must love ourselves first. This first step is inescapable and undeniable, because no one else will speak for us. No one else will lament our fall when the histories are rewritten, every statue toppled, and our laws forgotten.

I know we can do better and that we all deserve better.

We might be attacked for standing up for ourselves, but each truth we speak against these lies gathers more of our compatriots to our side. They can persecute us, but we are the whisper which awakens those that are asleep, and the more they try to silence us, the louder that quiet will reverberate in our disciplined and yearning souls. We are coming for our homes, for justice, and to restore all that has been taken and build to even greater heights. Because that’s what White people do – that’s what we do.

Our virtue – that is why we are feared and hated. But it is also why we should be loved, and this only begins when we remember how to love ourselves.