Trial in Absentia

In 1938 the House Committee on Un-American Activities was established to investigate alleged disloyalty and subversive activities on the part of private citizens, public employees, and those organizations suspected of being sympathetic to communist interests. The first person asked to testify before the Committee was Hallie Flanagan the head of the Federal Theater Project; she was called to answer the suspicion that she was using government funds to spread her socialist ideology.

In 2019 the House Committee on American Activities held its first hearing on White Nationalism to investigate alleged disloyalty and subversive activities on the part of private citizens, public employees, and those organizations suspected of being sympathetic to Eurocentric interests. The first group of people asked to testify before the Committee did not contain a single White person, much less one suspected of having a White Nationalist ideology. The composition of the group of ‘witnesses’: The Jewish head of the ADL; a Muslim whose daughter was killed; the negress head of an Oakland-based Social Justice organization; a negro who is in charge of censorship at Facebook; a mixed-race woman of indeterminable heritage from Google; the President of a Jewish Nationalist organization (a Zionist man with Tourette’s); a negress internet personality who ostensibly represented the “conservative” position; and yet another negress who represented an East Coast social justice law group. Head count: 4 negroes, 2 Jews, a Muslim and one person of indeterminate mixed race called upon to answer to the suspicion that the ideas or White Nationalism are being expressed by people of European descent in America.

At least when the communists were accused of subversion they were given the chance to answer their accusers, but now that the communists run the government the people who represent original American ideology aren’t afforded the same courtesy. I personally have contact information for fifty or so self-proclaimed, eloquent, and peaceful White Nationalists who would jump at the chance to represent our position and ideology before this investigation. Show trials are nothing new for communist regimes and ours will be no different from Stalin’s Moscow Trials (strangely enough also from 1938). We will be accused of spreading hate, as if our mere words could turn men into beasts, our ideas a magic spell to hijack a person’s soul, as if White Americans are very easily manipulated, as if statistics and government data (the standard arsenal of a White Nationalist) were not inconvenient truths but actual weapons.

Our philosophy is rooted in great European thinkers dating back thousands of years. As one witness in the House affirmed by using Thomas Jefferson’s own words, our ideology mirrors that of our American founding fathers, our immigration and naturalization policy is exactly the same as the original Naturalization Act, our foreign policy is perfectly echoed by George Washington in his farewell address warning against “foreign entanglements” and the inevitable armed conflict that arises from them, our positions on economics are best represented by the first economic policies we had in America (pick yourself up by your bootstraps, make your own way or go back across the ocean whence you came). Our regulatory policy is identical to the original framework for industry in this country, very little interference and no “limited liability” unless you are providing for the “common good”. Our positions were not formulated in a witch’s cauldron (a pinch of hate, a dash of failure, and a spoonful of paranoia), we were dragged there kicking and screaming by the facts. What we know is that, historically and scientifically, diversity is not a strength, it is in fact a wedge that drives people apart; the studies that affirm this are legion and the societies that have attempted a multicultural state throughout history have (in totality) not just failed, but descended into madness and war.

You see, government thinks its job is to manage the citizenry, and if you hold that position, you must by default think of people as manageable. As if they did not form their own opinions, as if their emotions are manipulable and their actions controllable. We must necessarily be as malleable as clay to fit their designs of a utopian future, but that too is un-American. The American government (unique in its design) was meant exclusively to protect and defend the God-given rights of its people (and only its people) from the tyranny of men. Our Founding Fathers understood that natural impulses cannot be controlled from the top down, only from the inside out. Sophocles said, “no one loves the messenger who brings bad news”, and that is what White Nationalists are, we are the messenger who is being shot for telling the Emperor that he is in fact, quite nude. We don’t want a war, we know that a war is coming; we don’t want racial violence, we know that racial violence is the inevitable result of forced multiculturalism; we don’t want to lord over anyone, we know that equality of outcome is impossible especially with disparate groups with varying ability and oppositional ideology.

There are some ways we can, as a union, bring about the changes needed to rescue us from decades of disastrous policy in this country, but I’ll save that for a later date. I know you won’t implement the changes we Americans need and I feel I’ve cast enough pearls before swine for one day. Instead I will close this essay with the easiest and most peaceful possible solution to “The Rise of Evil White Nationalist Racism”:

The government thinks it can punish us into thinking in ways that our brains were not designed for. Tribalism is natural, in-group preference is natural. We simply want to live the way nature or God intended and our country was designed for us to do. We are the only group interested in a peaceful solution to our current strife. We want separation; we want out of an abusive relationship. All but the most idealistic and stubborn of us have accepted that we will never have the sea to shining sea we inherited from our forefathers, but we should at least be granted the same considerations the last conquered peoples on this continent were granted, an exclusive territory to practice orr traditional culture in peace and without the predation we currently suffer under.