Advice for the Newly Redpilled

The first thing you need to do is to stop being ashamed. Industries have risen around White guilt and White shame. When you accept the Five Words – when you say to yourself “It’s Okay to be White” – you strike a blow against that Academic-Political Complex. Their political plans hinge on us feeling bad about ourselves and our history. When enough of us refuse to do that, their whole house of cards comes tumbling down. That is why they are trying so hard to frighten us into silence.

I can’t tell you not to be afraid. Standing up for your heritage can get you expelled, fired, even jailed. You can lose friends and even family for being pro-White. Our opponents have controlled the conversation for years and they intend to hold their ground by any means necessary. But when you call their bluff you’ll often find their bark is bigger than their bite. And every time you speak out, you remind others they don’t have to remain silent either. Choose your battles carefully, but while you should weigh the risk of your actions you should also consider the cost of doing nothing at all.

Faced with a sour economy, diminished opportunities and a crumbling society it’s easy to dream of the Great Cleansing. Consider how many of your bluepilled friends are still convinced Trump and his entourage will be arrested any day now – or how many of your Q-trusting buddies are sure the same fate is immanent for Hillary and the Deep State. Be leery of anybody who promises you quick solutions final or otherwise. No God Emperor who will save us and throwing yourself at the nearest smooth-talking father figure will bring neither salvation nor comfort. And avoid falling down rabbit holes. You’ll do better concentrating on how to solve the issue at hand than in arguing about whether the Rockefellers, Elders of Zion or George Soros are financing it.

Your generation has been at the epicenter of the War Between the Sexes. When you’ve got nothing to believe in, why not bury yourself in an endless sea of strange flesh and peak experiences? Only some of you have come to hate both that game and the players. I can’t give you much in the way of dating advice, but I can tell you that you’ll find a different class of partner at your local church than you will on Tindr. I believe our crisis of nihilism will resolve in a return of the Church Militant. Nature abhors a vacuum spiritual or otherwise: hedonism is no substitute for passion. There are worse places than the Faith of our Fathers from whence to build a future. Our opponents want you blackpilled and apathetic: jaded nihilists rarely interfere with their own destruction.

We are part of a tradition stretching back before Homer: Our ancestors traveled across oceans in little wooden boats and conquered continents. They did horrible things along the way, but they also did glorious things. If we are to tally the lives lost to colonialism let us also consider those saved by antibiotics. Europe gave the world chivalry and the Geneva Convention. Slavery predates Babylon, but European Abolitionists taught the world slavery is an unqualified evil. Our enemies would have you believe our past is an uninterrupted series of atrocities that mark us unfit for the future. The deeds of our ancestors refute their lies. Learn our history and understand that you are part of it.

We are told (and told, and told, and told) that White identity is wrapped up in “supremacism” and any expression of White identity is “hatred.” Many young White people have fallen into that trap. Some try desperately to peel off anything remotely connected to their White skin. Others express their Whiteness by putting down everything non-White. Neither approach is productive and both are rooted in deep insecurity. You should speak frankly of real problems and name real enemies. You should not hide the truth for fear of being called racist – especially since they’re going to call us racists no matter what we do! But you should keep a cool head and ask yourself what purpose your anger serves. One of the greatest things you can do for our cause is to avoid acting like a “White Supremacist” caricature. When the facts are on your side – and the facts are on our side – there’s no reason to bang on the table and shout.

Every culture has its strengths and weaknesses. At times our interests will clash but at other times we can work together toward mutually beneficial ends. Securing the existence of our people and a future for White children will require negotiation and cooperation with non-White people of good will. Don’t squander that good will needlessly. There is a longstanding European tradition of returning courtesy with courtesy. America is currently home to three Folk divided by common history. We have enough old grudges to contend with: we should refrain as much as possible from creating more.

And now comes the point where I sagely denounce violence and urge you to disavow it for the good of our cause. I really wish I could do that. But I expect the American experiment to fail within my lifetime, certainly within my daughter’s lifetime. My hope is that we dissolve like the Soviet Union. My fear is that we will fall like Yugoslavia or Cambodia. I would tell you most terrorist attacks do their ideology more harm than good. I would caution that your Discord buddy talking about bombings is either a Fed or an idiot and should be treated accordingly. I would not have my daughter growing up amidst a second Civil War, and I have dedicated my life to finding peaceful ways of averting that. But being a parent means teaching difficult lessons. And if I must I would have her know dying on your feet is better than living on your knees.