Courage Amidst Clown World

It is easy to become overwhelmed and demoralized by the utter lunacy of Clown World. The daily political happenings cause anxiety, rage and a heavy burden of hopeless impotence. It is this kind of mindset that makes it very difficult to accomplish anything. No matter how bleak the situation seems, no matter how hopeless you feel, there is a long list of things that you can do in your daily life to improve life for you and your family and promote White well-being.

To anyone paying attention, it would seem as though all is lost for our people. Whites are in a unique situation in that almost every institution of power, all major corporations, governments and political entities have us in the crosshairs. We are being targeted for demonization, depopulation and destruction from all angles. Anyone remotely pro-White is being banned from social media, kicked off payment processors, villainized by the media and attacked daily by rabid Leftists and non-Whites with a chip on their shoulder who feel that we owe them something. The world just doesn’t seem to make sense anymore. Everything has been turned on its head. Good is bad, up is down, truth is a lie, war is peace, freedom is slavery and diversity is our greatest strength. The establishment has turned the world topsy-turvy because they know how absolutely maddening this is to White people and how demoralized we become when there is seemingly no reason to strive for virtue or live and ethical and meaningful life.

Despite our depressing circumstances, it is vital that we remain steadfast in building a better world for our progeny. Far too often people will cry out “when is someone going to do something about it?”

Why not you?

Why not now?

What can you do to help?

And why aren’t you doing it?

Reasons? Excuses?

Did that stop the men who climbed Everest, or circumnavigated the Earth? Did it stop those who survived the Black Plague? Did it stop those who pioneered the lands we call home? Did it stop those who invented the tools and innovations that made all that was previously believed to be impossible—possible?

What is needed now more than ever is not information, not facts, sources or news articles. What is needed is courage, the courage to get off your ass and contribute to building a better world for our people. I truly believe that this Clown World system will collapse under its own weight. You can’t have a complex system designed by strong, creative and brilliant men then hand it over to weak, stupid and incompetent men and expect it to keep functioning for long. Our focus needs to shift from obsessing over how nonsensical the current system is to building a system that does make sense.

You alone may not be able to take our nations back, but if we all contributed something, if we all worked toward the same goal, we could take our nations back together. Right now we need families, schools, banks, payment processors, websites, churches, farms, businesses, communities and security for our neighborhoods. You alone cannot bring all of this to fruition, but you can play your position and help make this seemingly impossible dream a reality. Isn’t that how our ancestors built all of this in the first place?

Imagine explaining to Medieval man the concept of the airplane, the Internet, the automobile, the spaceship, they would think you were out of your mind! Not only that, but you’d probably be burned at the stake!

You don’t think our ancestors experienced seemingly insurmountable challenges? You don’t think they felt hopeless and lost? You don’t think they faced extinction before? Yet somehow, they overcame.

This is not our first rodeo, folks. This is not the first tyranny we have lived under, this is not the first time that all seemed futile, and it won’t be the last!

Life is a series of challenges, each one testing the fortitude and sophistication of the human soul. Life is a never-ending battle between good and evil, between creative and destructive forces, between light and darkness. You cannot have one without the other, they each allow for the existence of their opposite. These oppositional forces are engaged in a never-ending waltz through being and time. They feed off one another, their clashes and conflict is what causes the other to suffer, to learn, to grow, to die and to be reborn. C’est la vie!

I would like to challenge the reader (and myself) to rejoice in the hardships that we face, we should be proud to live in such historic times! Let us face these challenges with courage and heroism, let our fears, insecurities and weaknesses become a catalyst for change and personal growth. Know that you are not alone in history, many have suffered before you, let not their suffering be in vain, nor your own! We virtuous folk are the creative force of the Universe, and while we may be dismayed at the destructive power of our enemy, they fear our ability to grow, to create, to build and to persevere. We must stand in the power of our virtue and know that our power lies in our ability to take action, not in our ability to intellectualize the collapse happening all around us. Now is the time to take an active role in life, rather than a passive one. Seize this opportunity, reclaim your destiny and take action!

Courage is contagious.