Living the Woke Life

So you’ve taken the red pill … now what?

The first thing to realize is that there are many red pills and that, over time, given persistence, you will find there is nuance to these. Many people are satisfied to be red-pilled on just one subject and never progress further. One thing that commonly happens, though, is that your reaction goes through phases similar to grief. And this is no surprise because becoming red-pilled rips your old comfortable life away from you forever. It fundamentally changes how you see numerous things you never noticed before.

You start to notice how men are almost always portrayed as clowns in TV advertising, or the ridiculous preponderance of inter-racial relationships in those ads. You start to notice how impossible the mandatory sexual harassment classes at work are. And you notice that every single TV show is full of indoctrination, propaganda and lies – especially the news. It can be maddening as you look around and wonder why nobody else sees what now appears so clearly to you. You start to feel different … isolated.

Most people in any modern society live in what I call a “propasphere” – that is, they live in an environment where schools, authority figures and media feed them lies that benefit a ruling elite. And most people stick to those lies, and in some way use them as the basis for numerous decisions. Over time, because lies don’t change fundamental reality, the outcomes of decisions based on lies don’t work out. Because people who support the lies get rewards and those who don’t are subjected to extreme social scorn and ostracism, it is the rare person who sees the bad outcomes and is willing to question the lies that led to the bad choices in the first place.

You’re one of those rare people. Welcome!

Unfortunately, it is not an easy path. Once you start to peel back illusions to see the reality underneath, it’s a process that can never be reversed. And the first thing many feel is disbelief. You try with futility to deny what you have discovered. You start to feel righteous anger and a feeling of betrayal – especially once you realize how far back the roots reach. The whole thing starts to feel overwhelming and beyond solution, and depression sets in. Eventually you accept that what you believed your whole life, and based many decisions upon, is a deliberate lie, and that you are now different from others in a very profound way.

What you do next is very important. The first thing you need to know is that you are not alone. If you were, you wouldn’t be reading this. We’re everywhere. The next thing you need to know is that we need all sorts of people doing all sorts of things because this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You need to realistically assess what your current responsibilities are, and ask if you’ll be able to meet those okay if you get fired from your job tomorrow. If not, you’ll need to do things that aren’t terribly public. And that’s fine – we need people to donate money to people who ARE public. We need people in critical job functions upon whom we can rely for securely passed information. We need people who can make memes, write songs, and do a host of other things that don’t require public engagement. Find like-minded people so your efforts can be coordinated for maximum effect.

If you can comfortably engage the public, then do so with intelligence, tact and wisdom. Speak with clarity, but also compassion. I have explained at length elsewhere that the system uses a technique called Dynamic Silence that will allow them to use anything untoward in your presentation to delegitimize and silence your voice. So it is important that you don’t make it easy for them to do. In addition, network with others so you can see where your efforts are best applied.

But while you are thinking on these subjects, I’d like to give you some easy things you can do to support the future of your people.

Grow a garden. Learn how to do things for yourself and, and exchange skills with others like you. Keep as much business within those who are red-pilled as possible. Every dollar you keep this way enriches us and impoverishes our enemy. Imagine if a million others did this.

Improve your education and acquire diverse skills, preferably doing so while avoiding paying more for standard colleges. Every new skill you learn can be used to support yourself but also can be used to help our efforts. This can be as simple as correspondence course in electronics or locksmithing, or learning to weld. If you are inclined, you can learn music production, gun smithing or a hundred other skills. All have value.

Have kids. If you have kids, seriously consider anything and everything necessary to be able to home school them and remove them from malevolent influence. This also deprives schools of bodies they use to justify funding. Speaking of schools, anytime you have an opportunity, vote to cut their funding.

Improve your physical health through better diet and exercise.

If you haven’t already, cancel your TV subscriptions. There is not even one TV channel whose income does not subsidize your destruction. Use the money you save to buy books to help improve your understanding of how the world really works, or improve your own skills.

Get to know others who have shaken off the illusions, preferably some who live near you, and meet them in real life.

Develop secondary sources of income based on the skills you’ve acquired to make yourself more resilient.

Help political candidates who are closest to your views, and if possible, run for local political office yourself. Volunteer, and gain influence in a local church or emergency response agency.

If everyone who reads these words does just the things on this list, we will be halfway to victory. No excuses. Move!