Our Purpose

We respect our readers. Pendulum starts with this guiding principle because so much of the media shows such blatant disregard for their audience as they offer nothing more than obvious lies or clear propaganda.

We are neither of those things, but rather an effort to ask difficult questions which do not always have clear answers. For commentary, we explore the realm of ideas, discounting no possibility out of hand, and for stories, we offer the events as they happen, understanding there is both good and bad to be found. We hope to be interesting, provocative, but always honest and relevant.

We present our publication as accessible to everyone capable of rational thought, but deliberately in defense of the white community. Since it has been so long since anyone has tried to reach out to the over one hundred million White people in America, we are committed to exploring questions about who we are, what we want, how we fit into the evolving social scene, and what matters to us.

Your feedback is essential to this process, and Pendulum is committed to offering a range of views, some of which may sometimes contradict one another, but all of which are designed to seek greater awareness in hopes we may collectively benefit. We believe in the challenge of ideas as the pathway to greater reason. Our content producers are accessible, discussion is encouraged, and we will stand together against the censorship agenda being used to silence so many others.

We are well-aware the legacy media will label us with slander and slurs for our willingness to speak to the shrinking, but still existent majority’s concerns, and we simply do not care. They will call Pendulum hate speech, but the truth is this entire effort is an act of sincere love, as people speak out against intimidation and threat to express admiration for their fellow man and hope for our survival. We deserve platforms to express our ideas, our fears, our hopes, and a future for our people. We reject categorically this idea that whites are not permitted to have the same consideration which our society extends to every other group except our people, the ones who built and who largely sustain this civilization.

Pendulum is named such because we see the society and culture is shifting. What was once forbidden is now being considered once more, because we have challenges we have ignored for far too long, and now as things swing back toward some unknown future, we hope to walk alongside you in finding truth, beauty, and hope.