Question 6: “How do you view Trump at the halfway point of his first term?”

John Young: Trump Reveals the Forgotten Center
Kenaz Filan: What Trump Is and What He Is Not
Doug Morrison: Three Strikes and He’s Out
Brett Stevens: An Invitation to Transformation
Jeff Winston: Capitalism Over Nationalism – Trump’s Sellout
Stephen Clay McGehee: Culture is Everything
Landon Mondragon: It’s Now or Never
Corey Mahler, Esq. Nationalism or a Slow Death
Tom Kawczynski: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Question 5: “What does Europe mean for America?”

John Young: Echoes of 1789
Doug Morrison: Yearning for Home
Brett Stevens: Fables of the Pioneer Division
Jeff Winston: When the French Fight and the Americans Won’t…
Stephen Clay McGehee: Straight Lines or Cycles
Kenaz Filan: Is Past Prologue? History and the Gilets Jaunes
Corey Mahler, Esq. The Dangers of Pond Scum
Landon Mondragon: Frozen in Conflict: Stage II of the Cold War
Tom Kawczynski: White Hot Anguish

Question 4: “What role should women play in society and in the larger political discussion?”

John Young: How Cultural Marxism Exploits Femininity
Doug Morrison: What Cavemen Can Teach Us
Kenaz Filan: A War of Attrition
Stephen Clay McGehee: Modernism, Traditionalism, and the Role of Women
Jeff Winston: The Rebirth of Venus
Brett Stevens: A Better Context for Women
Joseph Krug: How the Media Divides Both Sexes
Corey Mahler, Esq. Man’s Higher Purpose
Landon Mondragon: A Deliberate Heart Attack
Tom Kawczynski: What Women Lost

Question 3: “What does changing demography mean for America and its future?”

John Young: Our Dark Future
Doug Morrison: The Natural Price of Plenty
Brett Stevens: Race to the Bottom
Jeff Winston: The Rule of Flaw
Joseph Krug: Defend Your People to Renew This Nation
Corey Mahler, Esq. How Orange County Was Lost
Landon Mondragon: Waking to the New American Nightmare
Stephen Clay McGehee: The Hospitality Parable
Kenaz Filan: Through a Glass Darkly
Tom Kawczynski: News from 2038

Question 2: “What is White Genocide and Is It Really Happening?”

John Young: Our Innovation Reveals Our Diversity
Doug Morrison: The Rape of Europa
Brett Stevens: Equality Destroys Diversity
Jeff Winston: Too Many Caravans, Bye Bye America
Joseph Krug: The Manufacture of White Guilt
Corey Mahler, Esq. Too Many Coincidences to Ignore
Landon Mondragon: Do As We Say, Not As We Do
Kenaz Filan: Colonized in Our Own Nations
Stephen Clay McGehee: The Melting Mess
Dustin Johnson: The Encouragement of White Hatred
Tom Kawczynski: Heed the Warning

Question 1: “What is White Identity and Why Does It Matter?”

John Young: What Does It Mean to Be White?
Landon Mondragon: A Force of Nature: White Identity is Within You
Doug Morrison: Every Wolf Needs His Pack
Jeff Winston: Protecting Our White Global Minority
Joseph Krug: Western Civilization Isn’t Abstract
Brett Stevens: Novelty and Necessity: Our Identity Today
Corey Mahler, Esq. Embrace White Pride or Suffer Genocide
Stephen Clay McGehee Heaven Helps Those…
Dustin Johnson Targeted Out of Fear
Tom Kawczynski The Race That Shall Not Be Named